Court clears way for new Michael Jackson music

09.17.09 8 years ago

We were at a party at a major Los Angeles recording studio last week and the rumor was that in the studio beside us a Grammy-winning engineer and an executive very close to Michael Jackson were frantically working on mixing some previously unreleased Jackson tracks.

We sniffed around a little bit more and didn’t get far, but some news today sheds a little more light on last week’s activity. TMZ is reporting that attorneys for Jackson’s estate were in court today asking for permission to make a deal with Sony Music (which owns the bulk of Jackson’s catalog) for a soundtrack album that will come out around the time  “This is It” arrives in film theaters. We don’t know if our studio news and the soundtrack are related, but it’s pretty easy to believe they could be.

As you know,  “This is It” is a documentary  culled from the rehearsal footage for Jackson’s 50-show run at London’s O2 Arena. The shows were slated to begin a mere weeks after Jackson’s  June death. The documentary will run for two weeks in theaters starting Oct. 26.

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