Craig knows the next Bond is gonna be tough

12.22.08 9 years ago

When I sat down to talk to Daniel Craig about his role in the upcoming dramatic thriller “Defiance,” (more on that in a few days), I had to ask him two Bond related questions.

First off, when I he was in LA to do press in October, his right arm was still in a sling from having shoulder surgery after “Quantum of Solace” wrapped in June. For those worried, no more sling and he’s doing much better.

Second, Craig has consisently professed that there was much more pressure on him during “Solace” than while he was making his first 007 flick, “Casino Royale.”  Considering “Solace” is on pace to outgross “Casino” domestically, I had to ask him if where his head was at for the third flick.

It’s short and sweet, but worth checking out.

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