Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman face off in new ‘Book of Eli’ preview

09.28.09 8 years ago

The number of action flicks being released this holiday season are down to a precious few.  Guy Ritchie reboots “Sherlock Holmes” and a little movie from James Cameron called “Avatar.”  Things change dramatically in January, however, with the already well-recieved “Daybreakers” and Denzel Washington’s return to Sci-Fi, “The Book of Eli,” hit theaters.

Directed by the Huges Brothers, their first flick since 2001’s “From Hell,” the post-apocalptic thriller finds Washington as Eli, a lone warrior (almost “Kung Fu” style) protecting a book which appears to be the bible and bringing civilization back to redemption.  Oldman is the defacto warlord of a small town who is determined to take the the book from him.

Both Oldman and Washington appeared together on stage at Comic-Con this past July and had a blast joking with the crowd and with each other.

“We had a ball together.  Some times we’d do the scene as english gentleman,” Washington said at the time.

“Sometimes we’d do with the slang African. Sometimes it was the thespian. Like good sex,” Oldman added as they both broke out into laughter.

That chemistry is evident in the new trailer embedded on this page or to see a larger version click here.  Check it out and see Washington in action.

“The Book of Eli” opens nationwide Jan. 15.

What do you think of the new trailer for “Book of Eli”? Share yout thoughts below.

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