Eminem loses himself in FOX Sunday animation

05.11.09 9 years ago


The ongoing onslaught of promotion for Eminem’s upcoming album will bring the rapper to FOX’s Animation Domination Sunday lineup.

FOX announced on Monday (May 11) that an animated Eminem will appear in interstitial bits throughout FOX’s comedies on Sunday, May 17, sharing the screen with “Family Guy” star Stewie Griffin.

“Relapse,” Eminem’s first studio album in four years, drops on Tuesday, May 19. 

The Detroit-based star will also make a trio of appearances on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on May 15, May 19 and May 22.

“It was a thrill to work with Stewie,” FOX’s statement quotes Eminem as saying. “I’m a big fan of talking babies and their humor.”

“I was just about to meet him, but after I shook hands with his stylist, his assistant, his lawyer, his bodyguard, his other bodyguard, his photographer, his manager, his hanger-on, his flower girl, his driver, his videographer, his notary, his historian, his her-storian, his texter and his own greased-up deaf guy, I got the swine flu,” says “Stewie” in FOX’s announcement.

This is Stewie’s latest attempt to branch out his identity beyond the restrictive “Family Guy” brand. The mincing baby appeared on FOX’s “Bones” last week, sharing scenes with a live-action David Boreanaz.

FOX is also using Eminem’s Sunday appearance to temporarily re-boost the relevance of MySpace, setting some sort of special announcement for that Sunday evening. No hints on the nature of that announcement were revealed, but check back here, if you happen to care.

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