Gordon Gekko’s daughter in ‘Wall Street’ sequel set to be Carey Mulligan

06.18.09 9 years ago 4 Comments


I think I need to read a more recent draft of the “Wall Street” sequel than the one I read, because some of this isn’t sounding familiar at all.

I’m excited by the addition of Carey Mulligan to any cast, because she is stone-cold awesome in “An Education,” the Sundance hit that Sony Pictures Classics will be releasing later this year.

And now, Oliver Stone evidently agrees with me.

In “Money Never Sleeps,” the 20-years-later follow-up to the iconic story of Gordon Gekko, Mr. “Greed Is Good” himself, Shia LaBeouf plays a young man who has been destroyed by the collapse of a fraudulent hedge fund, and Gordon Gekko offers to help him get his revenge… but only if Shia will help him reconnect to the daughter (Mulligan’s role) who Gekko hasn’t seen since he vanished into the white-collar criminal prison system.

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At least, that’s what Latino Review says the story’s about, and I don’t doubt that they’ve read a more recent version than I have.  There would have been no reason to cast Mulligan in what I read, so I can only presume they’ve given her more to do.

I’m curious to see Oliver Stone return to one of his worlds for the first time, and I’m curious to see Michael Douglas revive one of his most famous roles, where he gave voice to a whole generation of money men.  Now, since we’re currently neck deep in the crap that those money men left behind when they looted and ran, I’m extra-curious to see what tone Stone takes in his film, and how audiences react to it.  Tricky stuff all the way around, so adding Mulligan to the cast at least signifies to me that Stone’s aiming for something just as mainstream and big as any of his movies.

Nice work to the boys at Latino Review on breaking this one.  Expect confirmation without attribution from the trades any second now.

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