It has been foretold: ‘The Bible Code’ books to become a movie franchise

11.04.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Relativity Media, who according to their website “make sound investments in media and entertainment assets,” have announced today another such investment. This time in the late 90’s series of bestsellers written by Michael Drosnin called “The Bible Code.”

A former Washington Post reporter, Drosnin claims to have discovered hidden messages written within the Hebrew Bible that have accurately predicted (or post-dicted) momentous historical events such as the holocaust, Hitler, the events of September 11th, 2001, and the election of Barack Obama. Using a method called “Equidistant Letter Sequencing” letters from the books’ passages are put into a graph and analyzed for patterns and words by a computer. Believers in the method see conscious messages from God or perhaps extraterrestrials within these patterns, skeptics see tricks played with probabilities.

Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh counts himself as a believer, saying “The Bible Code series has been one of my favorites since the first installment was published. As a science junkie, realizing that the statistical probability that the code could be accurate is nearly impossible makes this an incredible story that must be told.”

Although written as non-fiction, the company plans to develop the series of three books, “The Bible Code,” “The Bible Code II: The Countdown,” and “The Bible Code III: Saving the World” into a “tent-pole” film for 2012. The third book predicts the end of the world, but also “how to prevent it”; subject matter that definitely lends itself to big budget action. Relativity Media is dabbling with the disaster genre this year with the release of “Skyline.”

Considering that ancient prophecy junkies should be pretty jumpy that year, 2012 should be big for this kind of subject matter. If successful “The Bible Code” could become a long running franchise… that is assuming we’re all still around to enjoy it.

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