Justin Bieber tops Lady GaGa: Just call him ‘Baby’

07.16.10 7 years ago

It”s official. Justin Bieber”s frothy sweet “Baby” surpassed Lady GaGa”s “Bad Romance” on YouTube today as the most watched video in the history of YouTube.

The clip, featuring Ludacris, has been watched a staggering 245,074,968 times, YouTube announced via Twitter on Thursday.

It”s been a good week for the Bieb: M.I.A. declared her love for the moppet to MTV, or at  we think she did. The jury’s still out on the sincerity there. Plus, Entertainment Weekly reports that  he”s also slated to appear in a dance off with Shaquille O”Neal during the second season of Shaq”s ABC series, “Shaq vs…” We”re scared Shaq may accidentally squash him.

Want to do your part? We”ve made it easy for you by embedding the video below.

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