Latest Facebook Campaign: Betty White, Oscar host

05.14.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Facebook followers are intent to show that it’s not just Twitter that’s causing social and political change at a grass roots level.  Earlier this year, one intrepid Facebook friend started a campaign to have Betty White host “Saturday Night Live.” It turns out it was Betty who was the most skeptical of doing the gig, not producer Lorne Michaels, but the result was 550,000 plus fans helping to spur one of the better and memorable “SNL’s” of the past few years.  Now, a new Facebook group wants to take White’s resurgence to a new level by championing her candidacy to host of the 83rd Academy Awards.

In just a few days, the group has grown to 90,000 plus and already gotten the Academy’s attention. AMPAS publicity head Leslie Unger told the Associated Press that the Academy plans to continue with its protocol of allowing the producers to select the host that will best serve the show they’re trying to put together.  The statement isn’t really a “no,” but she’s certainly trying to close the door as politely as possible.

The 88-year-old legend has never retired from acting, but the last year or so has found her with renewed fame that began with a scene-stealing role in the hit romantic comedy “The Proposal,” a memorable SAG Awards lifetime achievement award speech and a hilarious Snickers commercial which aired during Super Bowl XLIV.  White’s comeback continues when she returns to the big screen this September alongside Kristen Bell in the comedy “You Again.”

White hasn’t publicly commented on the campaign yet, but her fan’s biggest problem is that she’s probably better suited to host the Emmy Awards than the Oscars.  The former “Golden Girls” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” star has won four Emmy statues and be nominated a staggering 14 times. Jimmy Fallon already has that gig, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Ms. White show up for a cameo this year (hint, hint).

As for legitimately hosting the Academy Awards, her new legion of followers may find it hard to believe but White doesn’t necessarily have the personality or acumen to host an entire show.  As Alec Baldwin showed this past March as an Oscar co-host, some award show appearances are better kept short.

In the meantime, a campaign has already begun to get Carol Burnett to host “Saturday Night Live” and the Academy has begun a new search for someone to produce 2011’s show after March’s uninspired setback.

Still, it would be fun to see  Ms. White make some sort of appearance on next year’s telecast wouldn’t it? 

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