Listen: Britney Spear’s new single ‘3’

09.29.09 8 years ago

Can you say “Smash?” “3,” the provocative new single from Britney Spears’  forthcoming “The Singles Collection” is a sexy, fast-paced homage to threesomes.  New York’s main pop station Z100 debuted the song this morning.

Listen to it in the embed below.

Of course, Spears is so past the point of shocking anyone with anything she does in song that oddly the idea of a ménage a trois with Spears sounds almost wholesome. I’m sure that’s not what she was going for, but we all know that nothing she can put in song can seem nearly as captivating as the “circus” that is her real life.

Instead, we get a Max Martin-produced tune that upon first listen embeds itself not only into your brain, but your feet.  With its quick beats and hypnotic, sinewy rhythms, it’s impossible not to want to dance –horizontally or vertically.

Spears’ vocals are autotuned within an inch of their life-and the lyrics, other than the “1,2,3…not only you and me” are totally inconsequential (although the Peter, Paul & Mary line is still throwing us for a loop a little bit)  Some word is bleeped out, we’re pretty sure it’s p****, but it doesn’t even matter. Trust me, you get the point of the song within the first three seconds.

Bravo Britney… this makes up for the silliness of stupid word games like “If You Seek Amy,” plus this is a much better record.  And if three aren’t enough for you, well, as Spears suggests at the end-as she sings “four on the floor”-she’s more than happy to up the body count.

What do you think of “3”? Share your thoughts below.

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