Listen: Ice Cube, Ray J and New Boyz release ‘Lakers 2010 Anthem’ for the NBA Finals

06.03.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

AP Photo/Chris Carlson

You knew it was coming, but a collection of LA based hip-hop artists have finally taken their love for the 2010 NBA Western Conference Champion Los Angeles Lakers to the airwaves. 

Ingeniously titled “Lakers Anthem 2010,” the track actually has a nice beat and flow going to it. Unfortunately, a listener’s enthusiasm once Ice Cube delivers a pretty pathetic string of lyrics that proves he might have lost a good chunk of his creativity producing the new TBS series “Are We There Yet?”  Luckily, other contributors including  Ray J, Chino Xl, Roscoe Umali, Lil Rob, New Boyz and Dj Felli Fel make the track good enough it won’t sound too dated past July 1. Sadly, notorious part-time rapper Ron Artest did not cameo on the track (it’s also worth noting Kobe Bryant has jumped into the recording studio as well over the years, but seems to want everyone to forget that ever happened).
The track debuted Tuesday on LA’s “is it or isn’t it hip-hop anymore” Power 106.

No official comment from Celtics coach Doc Rivers if this is yet another example of Lakers coach Phil Jackson’s infamous “headgames” he plays with the media.

Game one of the NBA Finals begins tonight at 9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT on ABC. While a majority of the HitFix team lives in the greater Los Angeles area, we’re actually rooting for the Celtics (don’t hate).

Take a listen or yourself below and if anyone knows of a legit Celtics 2010 track, please let us know. 

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