Listen: Justin Bieber’s new single, ‘Pray’ from ‘My Worlds Acoustic’

11.15.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Dan Steinberg/AP

Justin Bieber shows his sensitive side on “Pray,” the only new song on his forthcoming “My Worlds Acoustic” album.

The song is a prayer for the world as he tosses and turns during a sleepless night while he contemplates the horrors that he sees on TV:  “children are crying, soldiers are dying, some people don”t have a home.” He wants to know how “I can make a change.”

It”s an uplifting anthem that”s totally age appropriate and may encourage Beliebers to question how they can give back. We can also see church youth groups across the globe waving their hands back and forth in the air as they sing along. 

We”re a little curious about the line “I pray for the life not started,” could be construed as  some kind of pro-life statement. It doesn”t seem like he”d take on such a lightning rod issue, but maybe he feels strongly about the topic already.   Plus, some non-religious parents may object to their children being told to pray.

It”s easy to be cynical about Justin Bieber, but as someone who remembers clearly her crushes when she was 10 or so on teen idols, I”m totally Team Bieber.  Sure, there are kids at that age who are already into acts like My Chemical Romance, but for lots of girls, Bieber is their gateway to more sophisticated music and he”s making music just for them. When the message is as positive as this one, what can be wrong with that?

“My Worlds Acoustic,” out Nov. 26, includes nine acoustic versions of songs from “My World” and “My World 2.0” as well as “Pray.”  It is available through WalMart and Bieber’s website.

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