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After weeks of anticipation the 67th annual Golden Globes are here.  Ricky Gervais is promising to take no prisoners and if any of the nominees could make it through a red carpet interview with Billy Bush alive, they should have a great show in front o them. 

Of course, we already have to wonder why NBC, Dick Clark Productions and the HFPA didn’t have a tent to cover the red carpet with the pouring rain, but…it’s NBC, DCP and the HFPA right?

[Speaking of NBC, for those over 21 (of course), drinking game time!  Every time NBC is mocked or Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, Jeff Zucker, Carson Daly or The Tonight Show is mentioned, take a swig! Will you be sober half way through the show? We bet no.]

[To get a complete up to date list of nominees and winners, click here.]

4:57 PM PT

Just to get you ready for the show. The one. The only. Tina Fey. Inteviewed by, sigh, Billy Bush.

“It’s not rain, it’s just god crying for NBC.” “I think we’re gonna stay in our seats and get drunk tonight. Mariah Carey times.” “I think if we did win people might whip bread at us.”

When is this woman gonna host an awards show? (She’s been asked more than once to host the Oscars and said no each time.)

5:03 PM PT

Three minutes in and Gervais is already pitching his own stuff! “I will be making the most of this opportunity. I’m not used to these sort of viewing numbers.  Either is NBC.” 

Yes, it’s 8 PM EST and Gervais is talking about his penis in his hand. Someone at NBC is having a heart attack.

“You could be a  see a picture of Angelina Jolie and you think, ‘Mummy!’

“Let’s get on with it before NBC replaces me with Jay Leno.”

5:07 PM PT

Nicole Kidman gives due recognition to the upcoming Hope for Haiti telethon. Next? Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture.  And the winner is…

Mo’Nique for “Precious: Based on ‘Push’ a Novel by Sapphire.”

Wow, she’s very, very moved. “I don’t know what I am gonna say because i don’t want people to konw I don’t won something.” “I now share this award with eveyrone who has been touched. It’s time to tell.”  

5:12 PM PT

Matthew Fox and “Modern Family’s” Sophia Vergarga present Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy or Musical. And the winner is…

Toni Collette, “The Unitd States of Tara.”

Something of a surprise after all the hype for Lea Michele, but Collette deserves it.  “First time I was here 15 years ago I was on the loo and missed my category!” Score one for Showtime.

[FYI, it’s 15 minutes in and after that opening you can 99% gurantee Ricky Gervais will never be asked to host the Academy Awards in this lifetime. Love him but you don’t insult the entire room and get asked to come to the big show. That’s why Chris Rock and David Letterman haven’t been asked back.]

5:18 PM PT

Jim Parsons and Lauren Graham introduce Miss Golden Globe, Mavis Spencer, daughter of Alfre Woodard. And she’s one beautiful young woman. On to the awards…they now present Best Supporting Actor in a TV series, Mini-Series or Movie.  And the winner is…

John Lithgow for “Dexter.”

Another win for Showtime!  And none of the other nominees look too happy about it!

For those wondering why Michael C.Hall is wearing a cap, he’s battling hodgkins lymphoma.

“I’ve had a wonderful time creeping out America for the last 20 years.”  And it appears the HFPA as well.

5:22 PM PT

The legendary Paul McCarthey — or “as I’m now known, that guy from ‘Rock Band.'”  Is here to present the award for Best Animated Feature. “Animation is not just for children, it’s for adults who take drugs.”  (Next year’s host?)  And the winner is…


Not a surprise, but judging from diretor Pete Doctor’s reaction he looks more relieved than anything.   Of course, he gives yet another Pixar – “on mesage” speech which could have been a qoute from any press conference or interview.  Sigh. 

5:30 PM PT

Kate Hudson comes out to give some love to “Nine.”  The first of ten studio cut commercials, er, scenes from the movie nominees.

5:31 PM PT

He’s back! “It’s going well isn’t it. We’ve seen some worthy winners and some not so worthy winners. [I wont’ talk about that here] I’ll be doing that on my blog later.”

“One thing that can’t be bought is a Golden Globe.  Officially. (Big laughs)  I’m not gonna be doing this again anyway.”

Felicity Huffman introduces the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association without a teleprompter and she could have used one, but at least she knows it.

5:35 PM PT

Jane Krakowski and Neil Patrick Harris mock their foreheads and present Best Actor in a Drama Series…the winner is?

Michael C. Hall in “Dexter.”

He seems very surprised, but keeps it together with a very shot and simple speech.  Classy.

Now, Best Actress in a Drama Series.  The winner is?

Juliana Margulies, “The Good Wife.”

Uh, a bit shocking except to our own TV editor Dan Fienberg.  Margulies: “I want to thank CBS for believing in the 10 O’clock drama.” Breaks down when thanking her husband and wishing her son a happy birthday.  Awww.

5:44 PM PT

Harrison Ford comes out to present “Up in the Air.” We’re digging the ruby earing.

5:46 PM PT

Ricky Gervais insults Paul McCartney.  I think the room is turning on him.

Cher and Christina Aguleira make a showstopping couple.  Why are they there?  As Cher notes, “We are shamlessly promoting ‘Burlesque.” And they are here to present, Best Original Song nominees. And the winner is…

“The Weary Kind (The theme from “Crazy Heart”) T Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham.  Yay, what a gorgeous song.  Unfortunately, Bingham is now hwere to be found and Burnett gives a mumbling and unclear speech trying to save time waiting for Bingham to show up.

Next, Best Original Score.  And the winner is…

Michael Giacchino for “Up.” 

Deserved. “I can’t believe Paul McCartney said ‘Go Michael!” 

5:55 PM PT

Amy Adams and Josh Brolin come out to give the Best Picture for TV Mini-Series or Movie to “Grey Gardens,” er, to announce the nominees and then the winner.  

Of course, your winner…”Grey Gardens.” Duh.

Can anyone but HBO win this award at the Globes and Emmys?  Anyone? Please? Can some network take it as a personal challenge?  Just asking.

And those “Gardens” producers certainly overstayed their time on the podium.

5:59 PM PT

Tom Hanks comes out to present “Julie and Julia.” and describes it as the movie where Meryl Streep gets an upgrade by not sleeping with Alec Bladwin and Stanley Tucci instead (ouch!).

Gervais is back.  “Serious bit now.” (whew) “One stereo type I hate is that all Irish men are just drunk, hell raisers. Please welcome Colin Ferrell.”

Colin Ferrell: “Ah, I was once a cliche.” He’s here to mispronoucne Marion Cotillard and the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy nominees. And the winner is…

Meryl Streep, “Julie and Julia.”  This is your Oscar frontrunner peeps.  It may be time for the third statue (finally). At Oscar of course.

“Thank you, I want to change my name to T Bone. T Bone Streep. Oh, gosh.” “Yeah, I love Nora. And Stanley and everyone in the cast and crew.” I also got to secretely pay hommage to my not so personal hero, my mother. The same age as Julia and a lot of the people in this room knew my mother. She had no patience for gloom and doom. Im’ not like that. I came to Golden Globes weekend and I am honestly conflicted to have my happy movie self in everything that is going on in the world.” “Then I remember my mother who would have said, ‘Be damn grateful you have the dollars to help and the next day and the next day.”


6:10 PM PT

The fantastic Helen Mirren to present for “Precious.”  Mirren starred in Lee Daniels “Shadowboxer.”  What a classy dame.

9:12 PM PT

Our first big “Avatar” moment.  Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldna present…Best Actor in a Mini-Series or TV movie.  And the winner is…

Kevin Bacon, “Taking Chance.”

Sort of a surprise, it was expected that Brendan Gleeson would win for “Into the Storm.”  Great weekend for Bacon after getting a lifetime achievement award at the Critic’s Choice Awards on Friday night.

Next, Best Actress in a Mini-Series or TV movie.  And the winner is…

Drew Barrymore, “Grey Gardens.”

Couldn’t Jessica Lange gotten one of these?  Drew got the Emmy!

Unclear of what to say, Barrymore notes: “I’ve been in this room since 7-years-old.” Barrymore gives a very sweet and moving shout out to Mo’Nique. Damn, pull it together girl! 

9:23 PM

Cameron Diaz, who starred in Nancy Meyers’ “The Holiday” introduces “It’s Complicated.”

Gervais has already unbuttoned his shirt.  Nervous Ricky? “This category is a bit of a downer. It’s for writing. I don’t want to keep going on about actors, but it’s not the words you say, but how you say them.”

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are there to present Best  Screenplay – Motion Picture.  And the winner is…

Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner, “Up in the Air.”

Very competitive category.  Lots of execs at Paramount are sighing with relief. Could it win Best Drama?

Reitman gives a nice tribute for Clooney as he knows he wants to be in a soundstage setting up phones for a telethon. Clooney smiles. He then gives a huge thank you to his dad, Ivan Reitman.

Jennifer Garner and Ashton Kutcher appear to present Best Actor in a Comedy TV Series or Musical.  And the winner is…

Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock.”

Somewhat shocking.  Baldwin couldn’t be there?  Um, maybe cause he’s hosting the Oscars?  Sad Academy. Sad.

Maggie Gyllenhaal comes out to ask people to give as generiously as possible for the people of Haiti.

6:34 PM PT

Samuel L. Jackson comes out ot introduce “Inglourious Basterds.” The “Iron Man 2” star appeared in the director’s “Pup Fiction” and “Jackie Brown.”  He then has “the honor” of introducing the one and only Sophia Loren.  She gets a standing ovation from the crowd.

Loren is here to present the nominees for Best Foreign Language Film. And the winner is…

“The White Ribbon,” Germany

I’m on record that Haneke’s movie is a bit overrated, but only “A prophete” would have been a better choice with this field.  Not a great year for film overseas.

6:39 PM PT

Zachary Levi and Amy Poheler have a funny chit chat as they introduces the nominees for Best TV Series – Drama.  And the winner is…

“Mad Men”

Sure lots of “Mad Men” fans and critics are thrilled, but this is a bit of a surprise.  Usually the HFPA start to promote new shows every year.  They are actually being a bit conservative and going with former and easy winners this time around.  Might explain why Matthew Weiner admitted he didn’t think he’d have to write a speech this year. 

6:47 PM PT

Jacob, er, Taylor Lautner comes out to introduce…”(500) Days of Summer.”  Huh.  Interesting.

Chace “I really have a deep voice” Crawford and Kristin Bell come out to present Best Supporting Actress in a TV series, Mini-Series or Movie.  And the winner is…

Chole Sevigny, “Big Love.”

New winner, but not what weveryone thought!  Great actress gets her due. “I want to share this award with my sister wives.” “I want to thank George my favorite on-set PA who I would never remember my lines with.” (Sweet. Someone is very touched right now.)

6:51 PM PT

Gervais introduces Halle Berry.  He seems to want to spend less and less time on the stage.  We’ll just assume the show is running long…

Berry introduces, Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.  And the winner is…

Christoph Waltz, “Inglourious Basterds”

The Weinstein Company gets a win! If only they hadn’t spent so much wasted time on “Nine,” “Basterds” could be battling “Avatar” for the Best Picture Oscar.  Waltz gives a bit of a long speech.  “I never dared to dream my globe would be part of this constellation.” His acceptance speech during the Critics Choice was all about critics.  We can assume actors will be his SAG theme and the Oscars in his life on March 7.

Ugh, Chrysler is sponsoring the Best Actor – Comedy or Musical award? Did we just see that in a TV spot? Well, I guess if companies can sponsor athelete’s uniforms now anything is fair game.

6:58 PM PT

Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro present the Cecil B. DeMille Award to Martin Scorsese.

De Niro: “We are like an old married couple. We built a life together. We have great memories. We just don’t sleep together anymore.” Great line.
DiCaprio: “As we look back in history there are those names that truly define their [field]…that name is Mr. Martin Scorsese.”

Nice montage of the master’s work, but did we really need the “Shutter Island” commercial at the end? Not so classy guys. 

Scorsese gives a short (OK, maybe not that short), but sweet speech and calls out the HFPA for their work in film preservation.  People mock the HFPA, but they really do great, great charitable work.

Sigh, Chrysler is sponsoring Best Director too.

7:14 PM PT

Jodie Foster comes out a tad late, but introduces “The Hurt Locker.” 

7:16 PM PT

Dear god, Gervais has a glass of beer in his hands.  Apolgoies for offending anyone…(uh huh).

“I like a drink as much as the next man. Unless that man is…Mel Gibson.”

Gibson is here to talk about “Inglourious Basterds” or…the nominees for best director.  And the winner is…

James Cameron, “Avatar.”

Wow. We knew the HFPA loved “Avatar,” but everyone they were thought to give it to Bigelow.

Cameron: “Make this as brief as I can, because I have to pee.”

Cameron: “Frankly I thought Kathryn was going to get this. And she richly deserves this. Make no mistake, I’m very grateful.”

This means we have a real race.  Or at least Fox and Summit will need to take that position for the rest of awards season.

7:20 PM PT

Keifer Sutherland and Olivia Wilde present the Best TV Series – Musical or Comedy.

and the winner is…”Glee.”

Ryan Murphy thanks Barbara Streisand and talks about the importance of an arts education and says this is for everyone or anyone who got a wedgie in high school.

7:27 PM PT

“The Hangover” guys introduce…”The Hangover”…with Mike Tyson!  Another preview — that’s a trailer, without music.  Egad.

Reese Witherspoon comes out looking fantastic to present Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical. And the winner is…

“The Hangover”

Whew, thought the HFPA might embarass themselves and pick “Nine,” instead they go for the blockbuster comedy. Could two of the biggest movies of the year win tonight? We’ll know within 30 minutes.

Director Todd Phillips: “Now I’m gonna get in a fist fight with Harvey Weinstein, but I got Mike Tyson so we are all good.”

Was that a TV spot for “The Road”?  Harvey is still spending money on that show?

7:35 PM PT

Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneger is here to introduce “Avatar.” “Half of the gross receipts are going straight to the film’s budget.” Wow, the Governator takes on NBC too!  Is he getting ready for post-Sacramento life?  Wow, an actual scene from the movie!

7:37 PM PT

Gervais introduces Mickey Rourke.  Last year’s comeback story announces the Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama category. And the winner is…

Sandra Bullock, “The Blind Side”

You knew it was gonna happen right?  Now, the question is: can she topple Meryl for Oscar?  We’ll know more after the SAG Awards on Friday.

Bullock: “Do I need to thank whoever bought this or me? Kidding.” She gives a very classy and strong speech.  Honest and not as many jokes as you’d expect.  She’s letting everyone know she’s taking this seriously. ” To my husband, it’s no surprise my work got better after I marreid you, because I never knew what it was like for someone to have my back. Thank you.”

(Awww. And yes, she wins the battle with Meryl for best Best Actress speech.)

7:41 PM PT

Sally Hawkins gives out the award for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. And the winner is…

Robert Downey, Jr. “Sherlock Holmes”

WOW.  Is he stunned? 

Downey, Jr: “If you start playing violins I will tear this joint apart.””The neede me, ‘Avatar’ was gonna take us to the cleaners. Thank Joel Sivler who has only re-started my career 12 times?” “I really don’t want to be thanking my wife. I could be busing tables at the ‘Daily Grill’ if she hadn’t hired me.” “I’d like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press. The are a strange bunch and now I’m one of them!”

7:48 PM PT

Kate Winslet comes on stage to announce the nominees and winner for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama.  With real drama…Clooney or Bridges?

Edge of seat.

And the winner is…

Jeff Bridges, “Crazy Heart.”

Who hoo!  It’s about time! Standing ovation for Bridges. 

Nice moment where he asks the camera to focus on his wife. “I gotta thank my dad. He encouraged all his kids to be actors. So glad I listened to you dad. Finally paid attention. My mom, she died last year and I thank you mom. We won cha cha contests in this room.”  His speech is a little long, but how can you get bummed at a guy who thanks his longtime stand in?

Just saw Halle Berry is a trending topic on Google.  Did I miss something typing when she appeared? It appears her dress showed a bit? 

7:57 PM PT

Julia Roberts is here to announce Best Picture – Drama.

“Alright, let’s wrap this up. If you want attention sit next to Paul McCartney. I’ve never had so many texts in my lie.”

And the winner is…

(cough, predected by moi before anyone else…at the beginning of Dec.)

Jon Landeau comes out to thank the whole crew.  Cameron says he went to the bathroom and he’s gonna take his time. He gives the whole “give it up for yourselves/we have the greatest job in the world” speech and ties it into the global aspect of the HFPA and the enviornmental themes of “Avatar.” Well done James!

Gervais signs off by giving a plug for “The Ricky Gervais Show” on HBO this Feb.  He certainly made history tonight, we’re gonna leave that criticsm, however, for HitFix’s TV editor and commentator Daniel Fienberg to tackle.

Heading out the WB/InStyle party.  Should be a very happy crew. Look for more commentary tomorrow on how this affects the Oscar race, because it certainly does…

As the season heats up, look for breaking awards season news and commentary daily on Awards Campaign. For the latest, follow @HitFixGregory on Twitter.

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