Movie Power Rankings: Fight footage puts ‘Dark Knight Rises’ back at No. 1

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We’ve already seen 1,001 on-set photos and camera phone videos of Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film, but some new freshly leaked handheld spy footage actually pretty interesting. The Dark Knight (Christian Bale) confronts Bane (Tom Hardy) on the snowy streets of Gotham (they’re shooting in NYC now), while the GCPD takes on a group of rioters. Even low-quality footage of the Caped Crusader in action is enough to get film geeks excited once again (although at this point the footage looks somewhat like a home movie version of “Cats”). Shooting on Wall Street, just down the road from the Occupiers, will only lend to the series’ gritty verisimilitude. With a trailer and those 6 IMAX minutes right around the corner, get ready to see “DKR” dominate this list quite a bit over the next six months or so.

As for the rest of this week’s list… 

November 10, 2011

1. “The Dark Knight Rises” (Last week: No. 6)

The Batman vs. Bane showdown looks like it’s going to be intense.

2. “Man of Steel” (Last week: No. 12)
No red undies for Superman? Shame on you, Henry Cavill.

3. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1” (Last week: No. 1)
RPatz is getting all old school (well, old school “Twilight”) on us; the actor claims the fourth film is closer in tone to the first installment.

4. “Star Trek 2” (Last week: Not ranked)
Let’s all forget about “Wolf Man.” The real Benicio del Toro is back (hopefully — J.J. Abrams is courting him) and he’s bad.

5. “Cosmopolis” (Last week: Not ranked)
That David Cronenberg-Robert Pattinson collaboration sounds less implausible now that we have some pretty awesome stills to look at. It also stars Jay Baruchel, Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche and Samantha Morton. We’re there. 

6. “War Horse” (Last week: Not ranked)
Spielberg’s WWI-era Oscar-bait drama playing hard-to-get with critics. is it helping to spark interest?
7. “The Expendables 2” (Last week: Not ranked)
Check out all the old muscle men in these new behind-the-scenes shots. Sly! Dolph! JCVD! Statham! They all look weird and too strong, except for skinny little Bruce Willis who looks more like Moby. 
8. “Melancholia” (Last week: Not ranked)
Sure, Lars Von Trier may be banned from Cannes for life, but European critics still love his work, as evidenced by the number of European Film Award nominations his latest film received. 

9. “Underworld: Awakening” (Last week: Not ranked)
Call us crazy, but this trailer is pretty cool.
10. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II” (Last week: Not ranked)
The People(‘s Choice Awards) have spoken: “Harry Potter” will never die. He will forever be The Boy Who Lived.

11. “Snow White and the Huntsman” (Last week: Not ranked)
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which will be the best “Snow White” movie of them all? Maybe this one

12. “Mirror Mirror” (Last week: Not ranked)
Or maybe this one, now that we finally have something to call it besides “That Other Snow White Movie.”
13. “Hunger Games” (Last week: Not ranked)
See Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) in action here.
14. “The Muppets” (Last week: Not ranked)
Sure, the trailers were great, but these new clips show that actual scenes are funny as well. 
15. “21 Jump Street”  (Last week: Not ranked)
With a trailer that’s way funnier than expected (watch the SFW version here), Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum may prove they have what it takes to fill the shoes of Johnny Depp and Peter Deluise — or at least Richard Grieco and Peter Deluise.

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