Music Power Rankings: Eminem and Katy Perry are king and queen of the summer

07.30.10 7 years ago

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It”s beginning to look like the summer belongs to Eminem. Sure, we crowned Katy Perry”s “California Gurls” as the single of the season, but if Perry is our summer homecoming queen, then Eminem is our undisputed homecoming king. “Recovery” spends its fifth week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week, while second single, “Love the Way You Life” featuring Rihanna logs its fifth week atop the magazine”s digital sales chart. It marks the first time an artist has enjoyed five weeks simultaneously on both charts.

1. Eminem (last week, No. 2): His “Recovery” continues.

2. Katy Perry (not ranked): As pundits question if “Teenage Dream” will surpass “Recovery” for the best selling debut week of the year when the album comes out Aug. 24,  EMI”s dream girl is smartly renegotiating her record deal. From powerless unknown to superstar holding all the cards in three short years. We predict she”ll be able to afford lots more cream-shooting bras.

3. Avenged Sevenfold (not ranked): We”ll know for sure next Tuesday, but it looks like the hard rock band will be able to do what no other act has accomplished this summer: knock Eminem”s “Recovery” out of the top spot on the Billboard 200. Avenged Sevenfold may call its new album “Nightmare,” but it”s Eminem who”s having the bad dreams.

4. Google (not ranked): Pundits predict Google will beat Apple when it comes to launching a cloud music service. The search engine stealthily moved ahead with its efforts this week, hiring Elizabeth Moody, an attorney specializing in licensing, and reportedly meeting with Harry Fox Agency to firm up its digital rights licenses.

5. Lucian Grange (not ranked)): The new Universal Music Group co-CEOf lands a profile in Wall Street Journal while he”s still in his honeymoon period. Let”s see how much love they give him a year from now. 

6. Rascal Flatts (not ranked): Country”s biggest group inks a new deal with Big Machine Records after Disney closes its Nashville imprint, Lyric Street, Rascal Flatt”s home for the past 10 years. Can a duet with Taylor Swift be far behind?

7. Kanye West (not ranked): He finally joins the Twitter generation this week. His first tweet: “Imma gonna let you finish, but I gotta tweet this first… “

8. Ellen Degeneres (not ranked): She quits “American Idol” after only one year as a judge.  Is she focusing on Grayson Chance”s debut album on her Interscope-distributed label or did she simply decide to desert the ship before it sinks?  The rumor is that Jennifer Lopez will replace her. We hope J-Lo brings her Louboutins.

9. Justin Timberlake (not ranked): The good news is he”s coming to a Target near you. The bad news is it is with his clothing line, William Rast, instead of a new album. It”s now been four years since his last solo album, but who”s counting. Me… that”s who.

10. Wyclef Jean (not ranked): If Arnold Schwarzenegger can be governor of California, why can”t the ex-Fugee be president of Haiti? Stranger things have definitely happened.

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