Music Power Rankings: MTV VMA edition with Lady Gaga and the Biebster

09.17.10 7 years ago

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Welcome to this week”s Music Power Rankings: the MTV Video Music Awards edition (or at least the first half, anyway). The show drew massive ratings and made instant stars out of Florence + the Machine. Lady Gaga used her VMA platform to repeatedly endorse gay rights and to announce the title of her forthcoming album. Taylor Swift graciously responded—one year later– to Kanye”s dis at last year”s awards and the Bieb… well, he’s starting to make us a Belieber. That”s all we”re saying.

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1. MTV (No. 9 last week):
Ratings for Sunday night”s VMAs, which have been going up for the past four years, rose another 33%. Imagine how well the show could have done with a funny host?

2. Taylor Swift (not ranked):
Kanye may have performed after her at the VMAs, but she got in the last word about their feud with a classy, gracious performance. Maybe Kanye will lend her his autotune now.

3. Florence + The Machine (really not ranked):
This British act was instantly elevated from “Who?” to Next Big Thing status after the group”s stellar VMA performance drove massive sales. The “Dog Days” may be over, but Flo”s days have just begun.

4. Lady Gaga (not ranked):
She won eight VMAs, exactly half of the awards hands out in total at Sunday night”s show. Maybe now she can quit going to the supermarket to buy meat scraps to wear and afford some decent duds.

5. Justin Bieber (not ranked):
Straight off his stint as the best drummer of all time on Sunday night (who needs two sticks?), comes word that his 3D movie now has a release date: Feb. 11. Director Jon Chu is still short on details about the combo concert film/documentary/biopic. We just have one thing to add: More cowbell.

6. Bob Cavallo (not ranked):
Producer best known for his work with Green Day and Dave Matthews Band, gets the top spot as head of Warner Bros. Records. He replaces Tom Whalley, who decided it was time to hop away from the Bunny after 10 years. Last week it was EMI, this week WB. Who”s next? /the-beat-goes-on/posts/music-power-rankings-disturbed-lets-the-inmates-run-the-aslyum-eminem-returns

7. Sara Bareilles (not ranked):
Singer/songwriter scores her first No. on the Billboard 200. I bet she wants to write the chart a Love Song.

8. Google Music (No. 8): More details leak out in a great piece by Billboard”s Ed Christman, including Google Music”s plans to run its music service via the web browser with users selecting whether to download to their mobile device or put the music a storage locker. Plus (and we don”t see how Google is going to negotiate this with music publishers if iTunes has been unable to), Google plans to allow  users to listen to every song on its service one time all the way through, not just in a 30-second snippet.

9. Enrique Iglesias (not ranked): He has his first top 10 on  the Billboard Hot 100 in years with “I Like It,” but it’s on the Hot Latin Songs chart where Iglesias is truly king: “Cuando Me Enamora” strikes up its 15th week at No. 1 on that chart, a record for 2010.

10. Best Buy (not ranked): As Billboard announces a new low in total weekly album sales this week (down to 4.83 million), Best Buy announces that it will devote less floor space to CDs. Walmart, formerly the top music seller in the country, has been reducing its space. Apple”s iTunes now accounts to 28% of all CDs sold. Best Buy accounted for 8.7% of the U.S. music retail market in 2009.

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