My DVD Shelf: WALL-E (BluRay)

01.05.09 9 years ago


I’ve written as much about this film in 2008 as probably any other title, and maybe more.  It’s time to finish digesting it once and for all, and what better way than with this beautiful BluRay version of the film?  First, you’ve got absolutely cutting edge sound and picture, about as nice as anything I own.  You’ve got the short film “Presto,” one of the funniest cartoons Pixar has every produced, as well as a great behind-the-scenes piece on the film’s soundscape, one of the most sophisticated of the year.  There’s an entire feature film included with the bonus material, “The Pixar Story” by Leslie Iwerks, and it’s a lovely tribute to just how far this company has come.

And the BluRay-only extras are pretty great as well.  There’s a Rosencrantz and Gildenstern-esque short called “BURN-E” about a character you can only glimpse in the movie.  The short illustrates how, from his perspective, WALL-E is hardly the loveable scamp he appears to be in the film.  You can watch the short with a commentary by director Angus MacLane, or with a storyboard-to-screen comparison running, and the picture-in-picture commentary for the feature film is even better.  Andrew Stanton walks you through everything.  You can even take a 3D tour of the film’s digital sets, and there’s a second pop-up commentary track in case you need to know even more about the production of the film.

Overall, a fitting package for a new Disney/Pixar classic.

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