‘New Moon’s’ Kristen Stewart admits she’s at peace with superstardom

11.09.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

If anyone seems to have taken being under the “Twilight” microscope the hardest it’s Kristen Stewart. 

The teenage actress who’d first come to moviegoers attention in David Fincher’s “Panic Room” had been on something of an indie movie tear before being cast as the iconic Bella in Catherine Hardwicke’s big screen adaptation of “Twilight.”  From the cast’s first Comic-Con appearance to the surprise blockbuster’s premiere Stewart seemed overwhelmed by all the media attention and intense fan frenzy.  And considering that she’d been around the business for as long as she had it was a bit surprising.  Well get ready, because that’s all changed now.

Today, Stewart appears confident, calm and almost at peace with her newfound fame.  Talking with HitFix about the saga’s ssecond installment, “New Moon,” at the film’s press day over the weekend, Stewart discussed her relaxed state of mind, how the second installment was her toughest acting challenge and what sort of projects she’ll look for in the future.  Here’s a big hint: don’t expect many romantic comedies from Miss Stewart  anytime soon.  if it ain’t challeging, she isn’t interested.

You can watch an embedded version of the interview on this page or check out a larger version here.

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Look for an interview with “New Moon’s” Taylor Lautner later tonight PST on HitFix.  Conversations with director Chris Weitz, the Cullens, the Volturi and the Wolfpack will be posted throughout the week.

“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” opens nationwide on Nov. 20.  Find tickets and showtimes and more “New Moon” content here.

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