Recap: ‘Battlestar Galactica’ – revelations dominate ‘No Exit’

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After the dramatic end of “Blood on the Scales,” could “Battlestar” really top itself with even more stunning revelations?  Frakin’ yeah, J.J. Abrams has got nothing on Moore and Eick!  This episode had more backstory than any previous ones in the series (at least according to Eck on the SciFi rewind commentary).

[Important point for all you overly myopic fans out there.  Yes, this was a fun and dramatic episode, but it was also exposition central.  Even Eick admits it!  And, in all honesty, that doesn’t hold up as good TV, cinema or theater in the long run.  So, if you show your buddy this episode and he or she rolls their eyes, well, now you know.]

Now, onto the twists and turns of “As the Battlestar Turns” which was a lot to take in this week…

[Spoilers after the jump.]

First off, welcome back Ellen.  Your time in cold storage has done wonders to your skin!  Nice moment by actress Kate Vernon,  as Ellen, who still has her immediate New Caprica memories, realizes she’s actually one of the final five.  Although as we later learn, she’s been alive for 18 months! 

Ellen reveals that Cavil, who has a first name John, was in effect, her “son,” which was bizarre since they slept together when he knew she was one of the final five on New Caprica.  Cue the “ewwww” in the room.  She also refers to him as a “boy,” but why is he so old? Did they raise all the models as children at one time? And is possible all the other Cylon models are so screwy because they have the emotional development of…children?  (Makes a lot of sense for Six especially).

Back to Galactica…

A plot point that was dropped last episode was whatever happened to the wounded Anders?  Well, he’s got that piece of metal wedged in his brain and it’s triggered the release of memories with all the secrets fans have been dying to find out about the final five.  What did we learn?

– The final five all worked at the same research facility as scientists on Earth.
– They could procreate, but they rebuilt the resurrection ships because they knew the machines were planning war.
– They also didn’t invent the resurrection ships, they came from Cobal originally and they just put it back on line, but Ellen was the key.
– They went to the other colonies to warn them, but it was too late.
– In exchange for ending the war, they gave the Centurians eight humanoid models.
– The first model, Cavil, turned against them, killed them and blocked their memories when they were resurrected.
– Galen “Chief” Tyrol and Tory Foster were lovers back on Earth, much to their present day revulsion.
– The seventh Cylon?  Daniel (much to Starbuck’s dismay as she still doesn’t know what the frak she is).

[Quick note: If we know all this now, what the frak is there to learn about in “Caprica”?]

The other big revelation that was hinted last episode, is that he fleet’s grand old warhorse is falling apart.  Chief (now back in that position at Adama’s request) suggests a Cylon biological resin that would meld itself to the cracking beams.  At first Adama’s longstanding distrust of the Cylons returns and he dismisses the idea.  However, when he returns to his quarters he sees the cracks have spread there.  At the end of the episode, he calls Chief and simply states, “Do whatever you have to do to save our girl.” 

It’s all about survival.

Oh, and in the span of 30 seconds, Boomer grabs Ellen and helps her escape from the evil Cylons.  Which means…those evil Cylons will be on a collision course for our tired old fleet.

And our dear Anders?  The doctors say he’s going to live, but shocker!  No brain activity.  (Or, at least right now.)  With Anders incapacitated can a reunited final five, er, four really fulfill their destiny?  We’ll find out next week when Ellen and Saul have a dramatic reunion.

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode?  Who do you think Daniel is?  I’m still betting it’s Baltar myself…

Here’s the preview for next week’s episode, “Deadlock.”

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