Recap: ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Results – Lawrence vs. David

04.07.09 8 years ago

Kelsey McNeal/ABC

After taking a week off due to the dreaded, dreaded double elimination, the dance-off is back for tonight’s elimination episode.  Steve-O & Lacey, Lawrence & Edyta, and Ty & Chelsie got the lowest marks from the judges, though I suspect David & Kym might be dance-off contenders as well (they’re just so unappealing).

[Recap after the break…]

But before we get to the dance off, we get 52 minutes of filler, beginning with Lil’ Kim and Derek’s re-performance of last night’s Viennese waltz. Its great… but it was already great last night. And it’ll be great again in the many recaps we’ll get throughout tonight. Including one that follows immediately after their re-do, highlighting all eight performance and letting us know what anybody paying attention already knows.  However, I have no issue with clips of Gilles’ 29-point scoring, shirtless performance. Why wasn’t that the re-performance? I could watch that again and again (and did via YouTube today).

We get a slight amount of information before filler-mania begins: Shawn & Mark and Lil’ Kim & Derek are safe. And, whoa, we get some class to start things off: Etta James! Singing “At Last” as truly only she can.  But, Etta… legendary, Grammy winning, Etta: Dancing With The Stars!?? Even American Idol would have been a more respectable decision.  Are you that low on cash? Aren’t those residuals pouring in after that Beyonce cover?

Before “Disney superstar” and much more Dancing With The Stars-worthy Demi Lovato performs and I take a bathroom break, the next FOUR safe couples are announced: Chuck & Julianne, Melissa & Tony, Gilles & Cheryl (shocking!) and – can you say pity votes – the judges’ least favorite, Steve-O & Lacey.

That leaves David & Kym, Lawrence & Edyta, and Ty & Chelsie. I’m saying Lawrence’s gone.

Now we get a montage of the dancers whining about how hard being on Dancing is. Lawrence has no life! Steve-O doesn’t enough time for his dog Boogie! Melissa’s ankles hurt!  Follow by some elaborate “Stars of Dance” performance featuring lots of toned men in red dresses, and sponsored by Macy’s, and then of course, Ms. Lovato (and I’d be lying if I suggested I knew anything about her performance. But I CAN tell you I’m out of face wash and need to wash some towels).

Finally… we find out who is in the dance-off.  Ty & Chelsie? Safe!  So its the “funny” man and the football player dancing off, after the sixty-fifth commercial break.

David & Kym

Re-doing their Viennese Waltz, David & Kym do appear to have a bit more intimacy this time around, though David’s facial expressions still are distracting.  The judges all note a mild improvement, and they give them a 2 point improvement to 24 (and in case you’re not aware, this score replaces their old one, though the votes from the public remain the same). 

Lawrence & Edyta

Lawrence, who suffered last night due to the limited range he expressed in him & Edyta’s dance of the bull, once again seems determined to make up for past mistakes.  He’s got that dance of the bull-intensity, but it takes him a bit of time to really seem like he knows what’s going on dance-move wise.  The judges don’t see an improvement, given them the same 20 points.

And the loser is?

David & Kim! Whoa. I guess the public REALLY doesn’t like you, David Alan Grier.  Kym bids him adieu by admitting what I suspected all along: She doesn’t get his humor. But she’s very proud of him, and he’s as facial-expression-heavy as ever as they do their final dance and the remaining couples huddle around them.

Eight to go…

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