Recap: ‘Project Runway’ – ‘A Little Bit of Fashion’

02.18.10 7 years ago


Oh, lord. Can I just say how uninterested I am in tonight”s episode? Seriously, I”m half a heartbeat away from turning on the Olympics and hoping I didn”t miss the curling competition. The reason I”m bored? They”re dressing little girls. On the one hand, it might irritate the designers to the breaking point. On the other, it might irritate me to the breaking point. Is it not enough that I already have to put up with high-pitched shrieking at every sushi restaurant I go to in this town? Not that I hate kids, far from it, but I certainly hate smug yuppie Los Angeles parents, whose definition of discipline is usually, “Now, honey, you go express yourself by kicking the shins of those nice people at the next table over. Aren”t you creative?” Seriously, curling is looking better all the time.
[Full recap of Thursday’s (Feb. 18) “Project Runway” after the break…]
Anyway, Heidi introduces the designers to the munchkins. And they are crazy cute, but of course they are when they”re still a little intimidated and haven”t gotten hopped up on sugar and an inappropriate sense of power. Jonathan, wisely, says he doesn”t like children. Amy, however, is super excited to make little clothes. Seth, though, actually has a kid. So he knows what he”s up against. I”m putting my money on Seth.
 In the workroom, a few interesting moments come to pass. Jonathan does a pretty decent Michael Kors impression, which may come back to haunt him, but I”ve always suspected Jonathan might emerge as one of the funnier personalities in this competition and this is definitely a step in the right direction. On the other hand, Mila admits she”s getting along with other designers better, and actually laughs when Emilio makes fun of her color blocking fetish. Is Mila becoming less villainous? Is my world turning upside down? What is going on?
Mila rightly predicts that there”s a twist coming, and right after the commercial break Tim waltzes in to announce, yoo hoo, everyone has to make a Mommy and me outfit for their grown-up model. Emilio, having made an embarrassment of an old school Easter dress, is kinda screwed trying to age that up.
After another visit to Mood, it”s back to the workroom, where Anthony is challenged to keep his mouth shut. He almost makes it fifteen minutes. But no one seems to mind, which really speaks to Anthony being well-liked. Because usually, designers want to kill the Chatty Cathy types with their pinking shears.
Finally, it”s Tim time! Tim tells Jonathan his organza explosion will definitely make a statement. He doesn”t seem to be saying this is a good thing. He warns Janeane that her adult outfit is rocking Halloween. Tim tells Amy her pants will either stop the show or be clown clothes. Tim loves Seth”s outfits, and I do, too. And then… everyone else can suck it, apparently, because that”s all we see. This is a development I am not liking this season, in that Tim”s segment gets cut short way too often. C”mon, Lifetime! I needed to see Janeane call her husband and whine but I can”t see Tim do his thing?
Then, it”s time for the kids to come back, and they”re kinda squeaky and not too excited about the clothes.
Can I just say I am not going to play the “Project Runway” dress-up game on, because I am not eight. Thank you.
The kids come in again, and this time they”re going nuts. Anthony wants to know if they have an off-switch. Sorry, Anthony.  
At last, it”s runway time! Michael, Nina and Heidi are all there, and the token judge is Tory Burch. She”ll probably be sad nothing has an annoying logo on it.
I like both of Anthony”s looks, but I don”t see the connection between them other than the neck ruffle.
The clown pants are actually better than I thought they”d be. The kid”s sweater is cool, but there”s a lot going on.
I think the little girl”s dress is horrible and frumpy, and the mommy look is just boring. Ben, Ben, Ben.
I love both of these looks. Go, Seth!
While I can see the connection between the two looks, Mom looks like she could be a high-priced hooker while the little girl looks like she goes to Catholic school. Which is probably a real scenario for some people, so maybe this works.
Mom”s dress looks like that Bjork swan disaster. Not good.
Okay, after complaining that I didn”t see a connection between too many of the outfits, this one is very connected, and maybe too much so. Mommy isn”t all that different than daughter, except for showing more skin.
Look, it”s the Mod Squad! Cute enough, but I”m starting to feel like Mila can only do one thing.
Well, isn”t this pink. The mommy dress isn”t terrible, but the little girl”s dress is right out of 1950.
This looks very J.C. Penney.
Wowza. I think Jay might win this. Unique colors, beautiful designs.
Called on the carpet are Emilio, Seth, Jesse, Jay,  Jonathan, Amy and Janeane. The lowest scores? Jonathan, Amy and Janeane. Whoa. I thought Amy kinda pulled off the pants, honestly.
First up, Jesse. Michael loves the color combos and likes the tailored look. Tory loved the grey. Nina thought the kid was adorable and the mom looked pretty good.
Next, Seth. It”s all about the Nu Wave thing. Michael thinks both looks are super and strong, and he thinks the adult jacket is the best tailoring of the season. Tory thinks little girls would dream of wearing the outfit. Nina says bravo.
On to Jay. This is so gorgeous. Heidi says there”s a lot of thought and design. Michael thinks both Mom and daughter look chic, and Nina thinks it”s modern, urban and cool.
Loser time! Janeane is first on the spit. Heidi says it”s too simple and looks like a cheap mall outfit. Tory thinks the leggings don”t work with the top. Michael says the mommy jacket looks like a home ec project. Oh yeah, Janeane is going home. The worst thing you can do on this show is be boring.
Next, Jonathan. Heidi thinks the little girl outfit looks uncomfortable. Nina thinks he went too conceptual and sophisticated. Michael gets what he was going for, but thinks the model looks like she got caught in a tornado of toilet paper.
On to Amy. Michael thinks it wasn”t intentional that the little girl looks like she grabbed everything she could and ran out of the house. Nina says weird and circus-like. Heidi says hideous. Tory hates the color palette. I will say, on closer inspection, the pants look like they”re falling apart, but I still don”t think it”s all that bad.
The judges talk amongst themselves. They love Jesse”s wool jacket. They think Seth really nailed it. Michael thinks Jay”s outfit has charm. As for the losers, Amy gets a groan from Michael Kors. Michael says Janeane”s outfit looks like it”s on markdown. Michael calls Jonathan”s models the toilet paper twins. Oh, Michael, you”re so pithy.
Dah-dum, verdict time. Jesse is… in. Seth is… the winner! I did love his looks, and it seems appropriate that the actual daddy won this one. Jay is, of course, in.
Jonathan is… in. Amy is… in. Janeane is out. Well, she”d been missing her husband anyway. Hey, she lasted longer than I thought she would.
She, of course, freaks out and cries and promises she”ll be international in a few years. Maybe Target needs a designer. Not sorry to see her go, honestly, since she always seemed one slipped stitch away from completely freaking out, and she just wasn”t good enough to be that high strung. As for tonight”s winner, Seth really did knock it out of the park. Though the L.A. rocker thing won”t work every week, it certainly worked this time. And I want that damn jacket!
Do you think Seth deserved to win? Are you sorry to see Janeane go? And do you find the “Project Runway” dress-up game entirely disturbing?

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