Recap: ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Results – A ‘SYTYCD’ First

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Egads, it”s Thursday, which means someone”s going home on “SYTYCD,” waah. Although it”s nice to see Kenny Ortega again, who really has done amazing things for dance in his career, even if now he just looks like a big, stuffy business man pulled from the cast of “Mad Men.” I will give “SYTYCD” props for actually having guest hosts who, with the exception of Ellen Degeneres back in the day, actually know dance and can comment intelligently on what we see. Don”t get me wrong, Ellen was fun, but I”ll take fewer jokes and more pointed commentary any day.  

[Recap of Thursday’s (July 22) “So You Think You Can Dance” recaps after the break…]

Hey, Fosse for the opening number! Yes, Fosse-inspired choreography to a truly God-awful cover of “All that Jazz,” but still, nice to see. And the best part was that the choreography didn”t look too physically taxing, so hopefully no one sprained anything or pulled a tendon. I”m almost hoping the opening numbers from here on out just entail the dancers walking around the stage and stretching, because really, we can”t afford to lose anyone else.
Next, we have a memoriam to Denise Jefferson, the head of the Ailey School. Jeez, she was only in her 60s. Glad they made mention of this, though Cat”s right, it does make the rest of the show seem pretty trivial. Which, in the big picture, it kind of is. But who cares! Let”s get to it!
A big tribute to Lauren”s butt before we get results. She”s safe, though, so maybe the butt fixation is working in her favor. And, you know, being the only girl left in the competition.
More praise for Kent, which is fine, although I thought that stepping routine wasn”t all that. But he”s safe. And all the little tween girls scream.
Adechike, Jose and Robert are now sweating it about the bottom three, and will have to keep sweating it, because before we find out which two will be joining Billy in the bottom, it”s time for the American Ballet Theater to perform a bit from Don Quixote, which is quite beautiful as long as you don”t think about the ballerina”s crippled feet. I will say, though, that even though all dancers go through hell for their art, ballerinas may actually be the most committed, because going on pointe is one step removed from foot binding. Pretty to watch, though.
Ah, now it”s time for the final two to be put on the block. Finally.
I think his routine with Comfort might save him this week, even if his paso doble with Jose wasn”t fantabulous.
This was a good week for Robert, too, so it”s hard to say who”ll really end up in the bottom. And that samba? Hot, hot, hot.
Sorry, but I”m still not a Jose fan. Yes, he”s committed. Yes, he has a nice smile. Yes, he”s doing really well for someone with no training. But when so many other dancers are so sharp, that”s just not enough. I really think he”s gone as far as he can go.
The dancer who is safe is…Adechike. Yes, that routine with Comfort paid off.
But, before anyone can dance for their lives, it”s time for a routine from DuJuan “DJ” Smart. Who may actually have superpowers. The guy stood up out of a split, crap.
National Dance Day, blah blah blah. I know, it”s important, it”s a good thing, but really, just plug the Dizzy Feet website and let us move on with the eliminations. I really can”t imagine who”s going to get the boot tonight, as I”m clearly not in synch with the judges” Jose lovefest.
Not that we are going to move on with the eliminations. First, all-stars Neil and Lauren recreate one of their best dances. Which has a Jack the Ripper/Dancing with the Devil vibe, except more fun and less bloodletting.
And another commercial! I swear, “SYTYCD” feels like it”s 50 percent commercials anymore. And if I see another iPhone or Toyota ad (especially the one with the guy who laughs like a congested seal at the end), I”m going to scream.
Ah, we”re back. Robert dances for his life. Those kicks are amazing. I”d hate to see him go home, honestly.
Unlike yesterday, Jose dives right in to a physically challenging break dancing routine. Which is fine. But, again, I”m thinking it”s time for him to go.
Adam informs us that Kenny is deciding this week. Fine with me. He truly seems to know the show, so why not? And then Nigel can say that there”s a consensus, which he seems to enjoy.
Enrique Iglesias performs with Pitbull. Like so many performers, Enrique seems to have been wrestled to the ground and essentially turned into a robo-voice by Audio Tune software. You know, I understand when a useless no-talent like Heidi Montag leans on the Audio Tune, but Enrique Iglesias can actually, you know, sing. And sometimes Audio Tune is a cool effect, but the novelty died about two years ago. And not so sure how I feel about him borrowing a bit of Lionel Richie”s “All Night Long.” That wasn”t a good song when it came out, people.
Uh-oh, who”s getting bad news? The decision has been made. Nigel reveals the judges haven”t made up their minds, but they”ve come to a conclusion. Some of the judges don”t feel Robert is growing. But Nigel likes him. He tells Jose he”s also stopped growing, but his breaking is getting better. Great, let him go on “America”s Best Dance Crew.” Billy was cleared to dance this week, but chose not to, so the judges aren”t too happy with him.
So, the decision is, none of them are going home this week. But two people will go home next week. I guess Kenny didn”t make the final decision after all. Robert looks like he”s about to pass out. I would, too. This is a first for the show, although it”s pretty much par for the course on every other reality program out there.
This is the first time the dancers have looked like they”re having fun during the final credits since the first show, but was the judges” decision the right one? When Nigel pointed out that Billy chose not to dance and will have an unfair advantage going into next week, I have to admit that he had a point. No one else got the week off, after all. I also found it strange that, after getting glowing comments last night, Robert was given a slap on the hand for not growing (really?), while I thought it was pretty obvious that, if a decision had to be made between Robert and Jose, Jose is the one who”s clearly stalled.  If either Billy or Jose had gotten the boot, I wouldn”t have felt either would be a wrong decision. But now that the pressure has been applied, at least this coming week will be interesting.
Do you think someone should have been kicked off? Do you think Robert and Jose have stalled? Do you think Billy has an unfair advantage now?

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