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Everything”s all sad now, because Godric has let himself catch on fire in the sun. Loney gitt-tar music plays as Sookie walks back into her room in the Hemophiliac Hilton. Or is it her room? Eric Northman is shirtless in there, and crying and speaking without using any contractions. Wow. Things are even much worse than I thought. Then Sookie kissed Eric, which makes this a fantasy. And thus opens the tenth episode of this here second season of True Blood.

Sookie wakes up in a the back of a car, on her way home back to Bon Temps with her brother. She and Jason are talkin” ’bout somethin” when they realize the town is all tore up. The streets are a mess. Everybody got black eyes, including two random day players who are eating wood and flashing bras. Can Sookie help? Maybe, maybe not, but she”s bound to do some epic talkin” in the meantime.

Sweet Jesus on a kabob stick! Mary-Ann is building a giant tower made of fruit and vegetables and the most expensive meat that her bald minion can find.

Sam, meanwhile, is hiding out with Bellefleur in his Sad Sack Motel. Bellefleur reports that the whole town is plum loony. Sam one-ups him by explaining that Daphne is behind all the heart ripping and the banging while black-eyed, and that she”s probably after Sam”s heart, you know, for good times. Looks like Mary-Ann is pulling out all the stops now; Red-Headed Slacker Waitress gets on the blower and begs Sam to come over there, and we know she”s under Mary-Ann”s spell.

Jason”s on the blower too, trying to get some sheriff”s people to bring some order and justice. Even Hoyt”s Mama has black eyes, and she”s all horny and likes to play the Wii. Seems like everybody knows that Mary-Ann wants to barbecue Sam, because Mama announces just that while shooting the aliens on her teevee. Hoyt seems immune to the black eyes, maybe cause he”s such a good boy. Jason is ready to rock and roll and kick some maenad ass, cue militant style music. Vampire Bill and Sookie and the rest of Team Stackhouse head over to Mary-Ann”s, which is technically supposed to be Sookie”s house.

Sam seems to know everything about how Mary-Ann operates — until he walks into Merlotte”s totally unaware that Red-Headed Slacker Waitress has lured him into an obvious trap. Sam and Bellefleur retreat to a meat-locker fridge thing and hide inside. Mary-Ann”s new minions have the two men trapped. Still, Sam refuses to kill anyone because this is the South, and them”s our neighbors.

Tara, meanwhile, has been rescued by Lafayette and her mom. They”ve tied the young woman up, but she”s resisting big time and flashing her black eyes at everybody and cacklin”. Mama and Lafayette try a little prayer, and they both blame themselves for Tara”s mess. Tara, meantime, informs her family that “he” is comin”, and gon” kill us all. MUhahahahaha.

Sookie walks back into her house and it”s eerie. There it is, the picture of Gran. Oh, Gran, Sookie could so use your help now. She misses you so. Lafayette calls her cell and tries to warn her to escape, but too late, Mary-Ann blocks her off. Bill tries to attack Mary-Ann by biting her, but her blood is gross and makes Bill barf. Sookie then pushes Mary-Ann away, and in doing so, her hand gets magic and glowy. Looks like Sookie is more than just a telepath who talks too much.

Sam and Bellefleur get to know each other in their fridge trap. Bellefleur had a nanny once. The CG steam coming out of their mouths indicate it is cold inside the fridge trap.

Cue military music. Jason Stackhouse is wearing a sleeveless tee, a black knit cap and a ton of ammo. He sneaks into Merlotte”s. Let”s roll. People are pouring mustard on each other and doing coke and gittin” it on. Jason produces a chainsaw, which makes everyone laugh, until the chainsaw makes contact with the stereo. Buzzkill. Jason tries to tame the crowd by holding a gun to Red-Headed Slacker Waitress. That seems to knock some sense into Terry, who changes his behavior and tells Jason to go on with his bad self. He still has black eyes, though, so this can”t be good, y”all.

Vampire Bill and Sookie are driving in a car. Sookie has no idea why she got glowy. Vampire Bill indicates he has some sort of plan to flatten Mary-Ann.

Jason busts out Sam and Bellefleur, just before Terry busts back into the restaurant. He the head crazy in charge, now. Sam lets himself get captured.

Tara is still tied up in her chair, chanting something in an ancient language. Sookie arrives with a very glary Vampire Bill. Sookie uses her telepath powers to bore into Tara”s brain and sees only dark.

“You have to go further into her mind than you ever have before,” Vampire Bill concludes. It don”t work. Vampire Bill tries glamouring Tara.

Over at Merlotte”s, everybody is happy and flares leap into the air. Jason, dressed as the Bacchus God, tricks the crowd long enough for Sam to turn himself into a fly and ex-cape. The crowd disperses. Jason and Bellefleur, unaware of Sam”s powers, are bewildered when Sam returns wearing nothing but an apron and asks them to help clean up the place.

Bill”s glamouring works. Tara”s eyes have white in them again.  Sookie is disturbed. She says she needs some air, which means she needs to do some talkin”. She talks at Vampire Bill about what the hell is goin” on. Vampire Bill seems to know somethin” ’bout Mary-Ann”s inner nature, and goes off glaring into the night to do some fightin”. Sookie stays behind with her friends.

Hoyt has Mama locked up in the house tryin” to keep her and her black eyes away from Mary-Ann. But Mama is sayin” mean things to Jessica, and she bites on Mama. Hard.

Vampire Bill has glared his way to the palace of the vampire queen. A security dude lets him in, but oh mah God, there”s a bloody leg in there. Can she still save Bon Temps from Mary-Ann?

What did you think about tonight’s episode? Does Sookie have new powers?  Share your thoughts below.

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