Watch: Cobra Starship video for ‘Good Girls Go Bad’ with Leighton Meester

06.29.09 8 years ago


What girl doesn’t like the bad boy? Even “Gossip Girl’s” Leighton Meester isn’t immune to his charms, especially when he comes in the form of Cobra Starship lead singer Gabe Saporta. Or is she?

“Good Girls Go Bad” is a perfect summer hit: lyrically inconsequential, sexy and instantly catchy. Co-written by Kevin Rudolf and Kara Dioguardi and produced by Rudolf, the tune is dance-floor ready.

So small wonder that the club/casino is where the action takes place. But it’s really a secret nightspot, underneath the corner deli where the purposefully nerdy Saporta works. That’s where he first spots Meister, who’s seemingly slumming for the night. Friends pour into the illegal hotspot and dancing and general cavorting and, of course, texting ensues.

We’re not sure if the band is clever enough for the hanging meat carcasses that make their way into the video to be symbolic for a meet market, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Meister, who’s working on her own album, shows up to flirt with Saporta and to sing.  “Good Girls Go Bad” works as a call-and-response song at times, with Meister playing counterpoint to Saporta.  Her singing is fine. Not overly impressive, but far from embarrassing. She’s recalls Gwen Stefani when the two break into a short rap.

The video, which has a fun twist at the end, matches the lighthearted tone of the song. Watch it here and tell us what you think.

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