Song Of The Day: Chromeo turn out the lights on ‘Don’t Turn the Lights On’

07.02.10 7 years ago

When I first heard Chromeo, I was previewing music online before seeing artists live during the 2007 Iceland Airwaves festival. I was to write about them for an English-speaking newspaper in Reykjavik. At first glance, Chromeo was cheesy as hell.

After seeing them live, I still thought they were cheesy as hell. But also wildly engaging and owning it, the smooth keyboard-enhanced jams of the late ’80s, meeting with sometimes-satirical R&B/hip-hop beats, the lovey-charming-gooey vocals of Dave 1. There’s a transcendence of the cheese, post-cheese, particularly live, in their brand of sensuous, celebratory electro-dance-pop. Women swooned. Men called themselves P-Thugg. They named their EP that winter “Bonafied Lovin.”

Come Sept. 14, Chromeo will be continuing that trend with the release of “Business Casual,” and there’s at least two tracks to give a taste in advance.

“Don’t Turn the Lights On” (below) is particularly creamy, with a chorus that sticks like suckers. is offering “Night By Night” and some remixes for free.

In a tour that’s destined not to suck this summer, Chromeo is taking out Holy Ghost! and blow-up band Neon Indian on tour starting in late July through late August.

Don’t Turn The Lights On from Chromeo1 on Vimeo.

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