Song Of The Day: Yoko Ono meets Junior Boys on ‘Give Me Something’ remix

04.15.10 7 years ago

It’s a rare feat for a song from 1980 to rocket up to No. 1 on a Billboard chart in, say, 2010, but Yoko Ono’s “Give Me Something” has done just that. It sat at the top spot on the Dance Club Play songs chart for one week last week (only to be replaced this week by… Blake Lewis?).

A track that originally clocked in at just over 1:30, “Give Me Something” had Canadian electronica geniuses Junior Boys’ paws all over it to make it a full 4:52 — and it still manages to sound like there’s a lot going on.

Listen to the original track here.

Yoko Ono has been dishing out her former efforts — this song from her and late husband John Lennon’s last recorded effort together “Double Fantasy” — one at a time to major producers and artists for refitting, then re-releasing them under the name Ono. Since 2001, Basement Jaxx, Flaming Lips, Sparks, Antony, Morel and more have remixed other Dance Club Play hits like “No No No,” “Give Peace a Chance” and “Walking on Thin Ice” (the latter, another favorite of mine, re-done by Felix da Housecat).

I got on the Junior Boys train back in 2004 with “Last Exit,” from Domino, and since then, their compact (but not minimalist), European-styled beats have been set to stun. It’s what one half of the duo, Jeremy Greenspan, described to me as “cold disco,” and it takes some of the brazen heat off of Yoko’s voice and makes it fit for the lounge.

This particular remix was a venture between all of them, Myspace Music, RCRD LBL, Twisted Records and Mind Game, available for stream or download here, or just do it below, why doncha.

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