Steve Jobs introduces new iPod Nano, iTunes service

09.09.09 8 years ago

A new line of iPod Nanos and improvements and additions to iTunes and Apple Apps are what headlined Steve Jobs’ speech delivered earlier today during the company’s keynote address. That, and the fact that the ailing Apple CEO was even present to deliver the address, after enduring a troubling liver transplant this spring.

Still, for Apple lovers, the good news is there’s a new line of iPod Nano’s a’comin’ that — so long as you don’t lose the little guys — can record video with camera. It also comes with a portable mic and speaker.

Additionally, there have been several upgrades to the forthcoming version of digital media store iTunes. Most notably, there’s the new iTunes LP program, which offers up exclusive content like videos, extra songs, lyrics and photos for acts like Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan and the Doors.

The cost? $17.

Where else have we seen this price tag before? Ah, yes, those shiny discs that are frequently refered to as “CDs,” which people are rarely buying anymore.

iTunes is also expanding its ringtone selection and will have a better-developed network option for households that want to share music libraries.

The iPhone app store is also getting an overhaul, with the added Genius recommendation engine to help app-happy downloaders find other applications they’d like.

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