The Cars reuniting for new album, after 23-year absence

10.22.10 7 years ago

A few scant weeks ago, the internet was all a”titter with the talk that The Cars – with Ric Ocasek  at the helm – were reuiniting. An official Facebook page sported a photo of four original band members performing in a studio and then, last week, the band posted a 73-second bit of a song called “Blue Tip.” 

That brings us up to this week, as Billboard confirms that the band is, indeed, back together, is plotting a new album and may even tour. Producer Paul Orofino also confirmed the news of the reunion on the Pro Sound studio message board back in July – though, those posts have since been deleted.
Sources indicate that keyboardist Greg Hawkes is filling in the bass parts of original bassist Benjamin Orr, who passed away in 2000.
If released, the effort would mark the first time The Cars unleashed an album since 1987″s “Door to Door.” The band confirmed they split up a year after that set was released.
Billboard goes further to say that their source indicated the rock band was thinking of touring, though there”s no confirmation on a stint yet.
The Cars were behind major ’70s and ’80s hits, such as “Just What I Needed,” “Shake It Up” and the Orr-sung “Drive.”

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