The Morning Read (1.30.09)

01.30.09 9 years ago

Is it Friday already?

As you’re reading this, I’m probably just sitting down with Henry Selick to chat about “Coraline.”  I’m hoping I also find time to talk to Neil Gaiman today.  Yesterday was Tom Tykwer.  Tomorrow are all the “Friday the 13th” interviews, and I’m seeing that tonight.

It’s pretty much been like that since getting home from Sundance.  I thought things would calm down, but I’m starting to realize that was just the warm-up for the year ahead, and if I’m going to really make this blog what I want it to be this year, I’m going to have to make about six or seven clones just to get it all done.

I have to confess… for all of my more refined tastes in film, I am shamelessly excited about the screening of “Friday the 13th” tonight.  This is one of the rare moments where I not only think a remake can work, I have faith that it will work.  And it’s ripe.  Devin Faraci’s set-visit went live this morning, and it just makes me more ready for it to be 7:30.

Have I mentioned that I’m excited to see Scott Derrickson take a shot at the “Hyperion” novels?  ‘Cause I am.

Interesting.  Broken Lizard is producing the film “Freeloaders,” but they aren’t appearing in the film.  It’s an ensemble comedy that they’re not starring in, writing, or directing.  I like the idea of Broken Lizard expanding to a brand that includes other comedic voices.  I think the guys have real taste in comedy, and if they can give other filmmakers a chance to get their chops together and they build a brand in the process… more power to ’em.

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This is the coolest thing you will see all day.  Ephemera.  Beautiful.  The full texture of a world.

I can’t even describe to you what Roger Ebert’s waxing on about this morning, but it’s glorious and silly, and half the fun of his blog is his comments section, where his interaction is playful and charming.  He has effortlessly transformed into the elder statesman of not just film criticism, but cultural commentary, and I find I can’t wait for each new blog entry these days.  Even if I’m not reading his reviews (I try not to read other reviews because of the effect it might have on my writing), I find his blog at the top of my bookmarks these days.

Have you read Vern’s review of “The Reader”?  You really should.  Enjoy a snack as you read it.  Savor your time with it.  It’s pretty great.

I quite like The Kid’s Comic Book Reviews, a website that is exactly what it sounds like… a 7-year-old boy’s review site.  He posted his review of the special Spider-Man/Obama comic, and it’s worth a look.

I like that The Art of the Title took a look at “The Imposters” this morning.  That film gets a bum rap, and it really is a great opening title sequence.

I probably shouldn’t laugh at this… but I do.

And I’ll see you back here for “The Morning Read” on Monday.

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