The Morning Read (2.18.09) BUZZKILL: Nolans still together and ‘Sherlock’ not reshooting

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I have no water.

That’s one of those awful sinking “ohgodisthisoneofthosedays?!” feelings to wake up to.  All the taps… all the plumbing… dead.  I see the giant DWP trucks parked halfway up the block, so I presume they know what they’ve done and they’re working to fix it, but still… I have to go pick up Toshi at pre-school in a little while, and I look like a crackhead.

Speaking of crack, the metaphorical dam has cracks in it, growing wider by the moment.  Last night’s junket screening of “Watchmen” led to a late-night flurry of embargo-taunting Tweets in which the online press could just barely hold back their enthusiasm.  Some encouraging signs in those reactions… could it be that Zack Snyder’s actually done it?  One thing’s for sure… with the junkets kicking off in Los Angeles today, things are gonna start getting very leaky, and I would imagine a full-blown deluge will happen well before the film’s March 6th release.  You can expect news on things like the eventual extended cut on DVD to be breaking constantly for the next four days, too.

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Did you happen to read Melinda Newman’s piece on Lily Allen this morning?  Melinda was there when the Twitter war between Allen and Perez Hilton erupted, and it’s a great read.  I love Allen and detest Hilton, so I wish I’d been in that room.  He’s the worst kind of tabloid moron.

Speaking of, I don’t read the British tabloids, but people still insist on using them as news sources.  Over the years, they’ve gotten a preposterous amount of things wrong, inventing stories out of thin air on slow news days.

Looks like a slow news day, then, ’cause that story about five weeks of reshoots on a disastrously bad “Sherlock Holmes”?  False.  Fake.  Tommyrot.  I’ve seen a fair chunk of the film, in admittedly rough form, but what I saw was impressive.  And the script and the time I spent on set both have me convinced that we’re getting a very faithful and canny update to the Arthur Conan Doyle icon.

And to everyone running this… come on.  It’s the f’ing Sun.

I’d like to hear an official response from the Fake Warner Bros. Guy.  Did you see his last video, the response to the Christian Bale thing?

I love that guy.  While he’s recording new rants, I hope he tells everyone to calm down about rumors regarding the next Batman film.  Right now, there’s some claim that Christopher Nolan will be writing the next film by himself, without David Goyer or Jonah Nolan.  Nonsense.  Balderdash.  Tomfoolery of the highest degree.  The only reason there’s not a deal in place for everyone right now is because… and let’s all repeat this together, since it seems everyone forgets it over and over… they are not making the next Batman film yet.  Chris Nolan’s next film will be the self-authored SF film “Inception” for Warner Bros., and only when he’s done with that will they get serious about the Bat.  Until then, can we please have a moratorium on running non-headlines about the movie?

Devin at CHUD did a fantastic interview with Bryan Lee O’Malley, who is the creator of Scott Pilgrim, star of a series of graphic novels that are currently being adapted into a film by Edgar Freakin’ Wright.

Over the weekend, I played the demo for “Resident Evil 5” on the PS3.  And, uh… it’s pretty freaky.  The environments are disturbingly realistic, and I can see now why some of the imagery might freak out the more racially-attuned members of the gaming community.  It’s hard to deny that there is something a little edgy about the white American character dropped into Africa to slaughter piles and piles and piles of black faces.  Even if they are zombies or mutants or whatever, it’s still enough to freak me out a bit, and it makes today’s Penny Arcade particularly funny.

I love that Art Of The Title features “Sita Sings The Blues” today.  This still-unreleased film is grappling with certain copyright issues, but it’s looking increasingly likely we’ll see it soon, as we discussed in a Morning Read last week.

Kim Voynar’s a little steamed about the annual release of Mr. Skin’s Anatomy Awards.

When Steven Spielberg has to go begging, hat in hand, to figure out how to finance his dream projects, you know the economy is in the tank.  I’m not sure I think “Lincoln” is the most commercial of projects, but I am a little amazed by the details of the Dreamworks/Paramount break-up that Kim Masters reports today.  Sounds like “The Lovely Bones” and “A Thousand Words” are both points of contention for the companies, and now Dreamworks is having to let go of their rights on any number of films, like the new Jay Roach movie “Dinner For Schmucks.”  Weird days, man.

And it’s not just the movie business, of course.  The gaming industry is having its own troubles, and blaming Hollywood for setting a bad example.

I saw that link on, my favorite gaming site.  Hell, it may be the only gaming site I read every single day.  They’ve got their review up today for the downloadable content pack “The Lost And The Damned,” an expansion of last summer’s “Grand Theft Auto IV,” which I lost countless hours to when it was released.

In the meantime, Cory Doctrow at BoingBoing explores how people are dealing with the stress of the economic collapse.  He also has some word on the Pirate Bay trial underway right now, and the makers of “Steal This Film” have a special trial edition of the movie available as well.

I wonder if Ang Lee is going to be the guy to finally make “Life Of Pi” happen as a movie.  So far, we’ve seen such distinct filmmakers as Jean-Pierre Jeunet and M. Night Shyamalan attached to the film, but they both eventually gave up on it.  I don’t blame them.  The book is based on a conceit that really only works on the page, a perspective trick that will feel like a giant cheat if you try to do it on film.  I wish Lee well with it, but I remain unconvinced that the material belongs on film no matter who is directing it.

Pete Sciretta, grand poobah of the award-winning /Film, got a package from Skynet yesterday.

Hey, Hobbit freaks, start your engines.

I’m shocked to hear that Madonna will not be appearing in “New Moon” after all.  She’s appropriately horrific these days, so I could imagine her as the undead.  Still, she may contribute some songs, so brace yourselves, “Twilight” fans, for your very own “Die Another Day” to loathe with undying passion.

“Star Trek – The Original Series” on BluRay?  And with “The Motionless Picture,” too?  Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

Mickey Rourke says he is not in “Iron Man 2.”  Color me disappointed if that’s true.

Rian Johnson’s Festival Of Fakery is underway at the New Beverly Cinema this week, and Devin’s got some details.  This is a great chance to get a very early look at “The Brothers Bloom” if you’re in Los Angeles, and to see that and the always-great “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” in the same night for a grand total of $7 sounds too good to be true.  Someone may be running a con on us.

And finally, we talked yesterday about the upcoming battle royale between the way-too-similar ideas “Pride and Predator” and “Pride And Predjudice And Zombies.”  And now Adam Rutherford at The Guardian asks what other mash-ups you might want to see if this new sub-genre of films takes off.  It won’t, though… right?

Please?  Someone promise me it won’t.  Pleeeeeeeeeeeease.

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