The Morning Read (2.25.09) Michael Cera still George Michael, Gondry on ‘Hornet,’ and Roizman flips out

02.25.09 9 years ago

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Yesterday’s Morning Read got sacrificed to my “Watchmen” review, but that just means we’ll have twice as much to discuss today… right?

And it is indeed a busy morning.  Just checking the headlines here at HitFix, it’s obvious that a lot is happening out there.

Matt Damon, for example, is set to star in a Philip K. Dick-inspired SF film called “The Adjustment Bureau,” which will be written and directed by George Nolfi if a studio picks it up to shoot this summer.

Also hunting for a home is a new Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg comedy called “The B Team,” set to be directed by Adam McKay.  Our article claims that Wahlberg has never starred in an overt comedy before.  Obviously someone on the HitFix staff has never seen “The Happening.”  And speaking of Ferrell, did you see him on the second episode of “East Bound And Down”?  Dear god.  That show is like something I dreamed while screwed on cough syrup, and I treasure every second of it.

Michael Cera is in for the “Arrested Development” movie?  Wow.  I wish I thought the movie was neccessary.  As much as I liked the show… no, scratch that.  As much as I loved the show, I thought they actually did an amazing job of wrapping it up at the end of the series, and I’m not sure a feature film will be the right way to revisit the particular sensibility that made the show so great.  Part of what I loved was the way jokes would pay off two, three, or even ten episodes after a set-up.  Still, I love the show, love the cast, and I hope they blow my mind with whatever they’re cooking up.

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Man, I love this news.  What’s really bizarre about it is that this is not the first time Michel Gondry’s been attached to direct “The Green Hornet.”  Way back in the pre-Kevin Smith days, Gondry was the first name I heard associated with the film, and I always wondered back then what drew him to the project.  Well, according to Seth Rogen, there’s no one better for the job.  He calls Gondry “a kind of magician,” and that’s certainly true.  It sounds to me like this is exactly the sort of alchemy “The Green Hornet” will need to distinguish itself from the myriad other films in the same basic genre that are being made, and it’s definitely become one of the most intriguing projects in development with this addition to the team.

Joss Whedon’s got more right than most to talk about the difficulties of getting the DC comics characters right onscreen, and today, he spills his guts.

Are you a Mike Leigh fan?  If the answer is “no,” then I’m puzzled by you.  If the answer is “yes,” then there are a few good reads out there this morning.  One is his Oscar diary, and I love how open he is about the way the lead-up to the ceremony can play with your head and your heart.  The other is a brief but smart interview with him.

To his credit, Leigh doesn’t sound cynical about the industry or where it is right now, but it seems that not all of his countrymen (or women, as it were) share his opinion.

The best film-related read online today comes from video-game blog extraordinaire Kotaku, where you can read all about how the game-within-a-film “Wrestle Jam” was created for my favorite movie of 2008, Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler.”

There’s a new theater opening fairly close to my house which sounds frikkin’ awesome.

Philip Jose Farmer has passed away.  Great writer.  If you don’t know his work, today’s a great day to rectify that.

There’s an excellent interview with Demetri Martin over at The A/V Club.

I’m ecstatic to hear that Magnet Releasing, a sub-label from Magnolia Pictures, will be releasing the excellent “Bronson” in the U.S.  If you missed my review of the film, check it out here.

Twitch has a great article where Vincenzo Natali (director of the intriguing upcoming film “Splice”) picks a handful of ’80s films that he loves, and talks about the genre-mashing sensibility that unites them.

At Cartoon Brew, they put together a great article that not only contains the Oscar speech where animator Kunio Kato included the best Styx call-out in Oscar history, but the award-winning film itself.  Worth a look.

Glenn Kenny ran a link to a radio show where legendary cinematographer Owen Roizman flips his shit over William Friedkin’s digital tweak of “The French Connection” on BluRay.  I still don’t have this title, but it’s getting crazy when even the guy who shot it thinks the new transfer is an abomination.

Here’s a question… who sounds crankier about fans right now?  Ronald Moore?  Or Alan Moore?

And finally this morning, Francis Ford Coppola would like to have a word with you regarding the release of his new film “Tetro.”

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