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Welcome to The Morning Read, your special weekend edition.

At this point, it’s almost Sunday evening, and I assume many of you have already seen “Star Trek”.  Curious what you think now that you’ve laid eyes on it.  I’ve heard such great word of mouth that it’s starting to look like this year’s “Iron Man,” the movie that just gets out in front and is so much fun that people end up comparing everything else during the summer to it, to its advantage.

I’m going to use this afternoon to clean out a ton of links I’ve bookmarked for the Morning Read that fell between the cracks, a sort of clearing house of cool or strange stuff that didn’t quite fit into any of the regular columns.  I know some of these links are ten or twelve days old… but why not finally put them all together?  They were worth my attention in the first place, right?

For example, I bookmarked this review on Twitch because I’ve never heard of the film, and that always interests me.  There are so many movies that have managed to fall off the radar completely since they were made, and the age of video has mainly helped to preserve new crap.  Things that were already forgotten before the VHS or DVD age are probably still forgotten, so when I get a heads-up on a film like “Jigsaw,” I try to make note of it.  I love when this is the sort of thing my peers focus on, instead of nine thousand voices at once on the same new movie.

My kids are growing up in the science fiction movies I watched as a kid, and I love it.  I can only imagine what their world’s going to be like when they’re my age now.

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I adore the original film version of “The Producers,” and I’m considerably less fond of the musical version.  Still, if I’d ever be interested in seeing a live production of the show, it would be in Berlin.  I can only imagine how it hits that crowd.

Every word is true, and I’m surprised there is not more of a push to cover the story of an industry in free-fall right now.  Everyone’s putting a rosy sunshine face on things, but there is a major course correction happening on the money side of things in Hollywood at the moment.  And the end result is going to be a greater divide between giant films and micro-personal films.

I want to see this.  I am scared I will indentify with it.

Here’s a link that will take you to part six of a giant Newsarama interview with Alan Moore.  That link will get you to the other five parts of the interview.  It’s well worth your time to go through all six parts.  He’s a wild old cranky genius, but he’s always entertaining.

Here’s a link to an interview IESB did with Tom Rothman at a red carpet, where they got him to throw out a short comment on the idea of Ridley Scott working on an “Alien” prequel.  It’s an entirely commercial decision that saddens me deeply.  No one needs or wants an “Alien” prequel.  Even if someone thinks they do, they’re wrong.  No one wants to see that movie.  There’s no narrative conceit that makes that worthwhile.  It’s a dead end.  It’s a miserable creative dead end, and yet, I’m sure it’ll have an opening weekend.  Sheeeeeeesh.

This is one of the saddest stories I’ve heard of the side effects of the economic crisis.  Really gut-wrenching stuff.  Makes sense, I guess, but it doesn’t make it any easier to read.

Good list.

I will take any excuse, no matter how feeble, to run a link to new pictures of Audrey Hepburn.  In this case, the excuse is that there is a link to new pictures of Audrey Hepburn.  Told you… it’s feeble, but the pictures are just lovely.

I think this is more a case of “Every twist ending we can think of, good or bad,” but you get the point.

You remember the on-set photo of Iron Man hanging out in the Randy’s Donuts donut?  Well, here’s a whole mess of shots from that same series, including pictures of Sam Jackson rocking the duster as Nick Fury.

I like Michel Gondry a lot, but I can admit that this article on The Onion sort of nails him exactly.

If the possibility of a sequel to “Dazed and Confused” is anything more than just a stoner’s wish from McConaughey, count me in.

It’s always time to talk about Indiana Jones.

For some reason, it cracks me up that Elizabeth Banks would spend so much time thinking about “17 Again”… except the points she made are actually pretty good ones, so she’s excused.

Announcements about the Sundance Labs really don’t mean anything to anyone outside the Sundance Labs, but who knows which one of these projects will actually make it to camera or to release?

I admire Julia Roberts most when she comes across like this, like she just plain doesn’t give a fuck.  Or, in this case, when she gives a lot of them in front of a crowd to fairly hilarious effect.

Brandon Connelly must share my enjoyment of the work that the Amazing Randi does, disproving the claims of fake psychics, because he’s the one who pointed out this and this on Twitter.

Finally, the fine folks over at Monster Island News were recently speculating about whether or not “Godzilla 3D” is finally in production.  Based on some other things I’ve heard recently, I would wager the answer is no at this point, but I also wouldn’t rule out the idea of seeing the big G back on American movie screens sometime in the near future.

On that note, I’m going to go put together a short report on a conversation I had with Christian Bale at Saturday’s press day for “Terminator: Salvation,” and then I’ve got some articles to prepare for the week ahead here on HitFix.

The Morning Read appears here every day, Monday through Friday.  Except when it doesn’t.

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