TMR: ‘Eddie Coyle’ on the shelf, plus a full ‘Basterds’ playlist on CHUD

05.19.09 8 years ago

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Welcome to The Morning Read.

Aaaaaand, we’re back.

I’m thinking I need to design some sort of bio-armor for myself when I travel.  Having children plays havoc with your immune system the first few years they’re in school, and you add that to constant airplane time, and I’m pretty much ground zero for whatever black lung viral stomach flu thing will eventually end Western civilization.

On the plus side, I got home and found the BluRay box set of the first six “Star Trek” films waiting on my desk.  And Toshi and I decided to watch them together, which was been fairly sweeeeeet so far.  After “Wrath of Khan”, we drove to the library, and on the way there, he announced from the back seat, “Dad, I pretty much love ‘Star Trek,’” which are strong words from him.  He’s not normally so quick to give himself over to the new.  From the moment I got home, he was telling me the box was waiting.  Actually, he told me on the phone while I was still in New Orleans. I love my nerd.  He’s so hooked that I decided to try the JJ Abrams film with him on the bigscreen on Sunday, and that was pretty much the end of the world for him.  He stood.  He cheered.  He tried to do the Vulcan salute at the screen every time someone in the movie did it.  He’s announced now that my house is the Enterprise, and he’s assigned everyone in the house roles.  He is, of course, Spock, because “Spock is the one who is smart and he can fly the ship and he’s got cool ears!”  Somehow, the one-year-old was chosen as Kirk over my vocal protests, and I have been named Chekov.  I’d be insulted, except Toshi seems to genuinely think Chekov is cooler than Kirk.

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It’s just funny to see a kid in the grips of summer movie fever like this, and to see it from this side instead of being the kid.  And, of course, even as he basks in this particular summer movie, “Up” is looming for a Wednesday night screening, and I’ll be curious to see if his “Star Trek” mania can withstand the tsunami force of Pixar.  And then there are other films that are on his radar that may well replace them both in his affections.  Beyond that, there are movies just starting production now or, in some cases, just casting, that stand a chance of blowing that little mind next year or even the year after.  “Thor,” I’m looking at you, Mr. Chris Hemsworth.

Today’s a fairly busy day for DVD releases, especially if you like TV on DVD.  “True Blood,” (or, as I like to call it, “Twilight” for grown-ups who have actually had sex more than once), this season’s “24,” and the third season of “Friday Night Lights” all land in stores, along with “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.”  You can take that last one as a warning if you’d like.  “Valkyrie” arrives on DVD and BluRay, and there’s a super-deluxe “T2” on BluRay this week as well.  A few catalog titles like “Enemy At The Gates” and “Three Days Of The Condor” are being released.  If you are still interested in “Fanboys,” it’s out today, and so is “Outlander,” the film about Jim Caviezel playing a space alien who fights a monster with some ancient Vikings.  “Outlander” is worth tracking down.  It’s a really fun B-movie.  I’m going to get “A Bug’s Life” on BluRay this afternoon for Toshi, and because Pixar on BluRay = pure win.  I’m also looking for “My Bloody Valentine” in 3D on BluRay and Fritz Lang’s “Man Hunt,” a title I’ve read about but never seen.  And there are a few live performance titles, like a Russell Brand stand-up concert or “Paul Simon And Friends” or the one I’m most excited about, Van Morrison’s “Astral Weeks: Live At The Hollywood Bowl.”

But the biggest title of the day for me personally?  “The Friends Of Eddie Coyle,” which Criterion is releasing.  This is a Robert Mitchum-starring crime film from the ’70s, which automatically makes it interesting, that also happens to be a great character study of what happens when self-preservation obliterates all your other basic instincts.  This is one of those titles that people have been begging for on home video for a loooooooooong time, and for Criterion to be the ones handling its debut is a thrill for film fans.  Seriously.  Hunt it down.

A “MacGruber” movie?  No.

“Mystery Team” got picked up for a fall release?  Yes, please.

CHUD did a great job of putting together a playlist based on the recently-released info on what we’ll be hearing in “Inglourious Basterds,” including the oddball choice of David Bowie’s theme to Paul Schrader’s “Cat People.”  I can’t believe the Tarantino film premieres at Cannes tomorrow.  I seethe with envy for anyone who sees it.

And speaking of Cannes, I’m loving all the hubbub over the Lars Von Trier film, “Antichrist.”  And leave it to Ebert to sum it all up the best.

I can’t say I’m exactly frothing at the mouth to see “Night At The Museum 2,” but I find this interview with Ben Stiller ridiculously charming.  The idea of a young fan doing the interview, someone who genuinely loved the first film, is a great one.

See what I mean?  She’s so serious!  I think she’s better than half the people on the junket circuit.  And speaking of Stiller… do you care?  I’m having a real hard time pretending that a “Zoolander” sequel is anything other than a horrible, horrible idea.

I’ve spoken with Michael Lynton from Sony, and he strikes me as (unsurprisingly) a sharp guy.  You don’t end up as CEO of Sony Pictures if you’re a dolt.  So why would he say something this monumentally stupid?  Context doesn’t even factor into it.  That’s just a preposterous, short-sighted, near-heretical statement from a guy who works for SONY, for god’s sake.

Wise words from Shawn Levy about the proposed “Sinatra” biopic.  I’m laying money on this one ending up just as unfilmed as the Dean Martin biopic that Scorsese was going to make with Tom Hanks did.

Glad Jane Campion said it, because if any guy tried that line, he’d get shredded.

This intrigues me.

Oh, all right.  You can have one list today, but it’s only because it’s Cameron Crowe, and we like him.

Anyway, I’m out of time for today, and there’s a lot more to prepare for tonight and tomorrow, so I’m going to run into Hollywood for a few.  And maybe, if the fates favor me, I’ll even try an Umami Burger today.

Let the fat man dream.

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