Toronto: Exclusive stills from ‘Leslie, My Name Is Evil’

08.21.09 8 years ago


The Toronto International Film Festival is right around the corner and HitFix is happy to announce that coverage will be provided by both myself and Drew McWeeny as we report on the films, interview the filmmakers and stars and, god willing, hit some parties.

Canadian films are always hit or miss at the Festival, but this writer has always done his best to make sure he catches a few because you never know when you’ll see the next “Away from Her” or “Last Night” (one to Netflix if you’ve never seen it).  One intriguing Canadian flick this year is the murder drama “Leslie, My Name is Evil” in the festival’s Vanguard selection.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Perry, a sheltered chemist, falls in love with Leslie, a former homecoming princess, when he is selected to be a jury member at her hippie death cult murder trial.  Perry has always done what is expected of him.  He was a straight-A student who got a good job at a chemical company and proposed to his Christian girlfriend, Dorothy.  Leslie took a different path after she was traumatized by Kennedy”s assassination, an abortion and the divorce of her parents.  She took LSD, joined a hippie death cult and helped murder a God-fearing citizen in her own home.  When Perry and Leslie lock eyes in court, Perry is forced to confront the darkest parts of him and by extension, society.  “Leslie, My Name Is Evil” is a film that explores how the choices Perry and Leslie make reflect upon the moral choices our society has made.

The official TIFF synopsis, on the other hand, says Reginald Harkema’s film finds its characters directly involved in the trial of murderer Charles Manson and his followers which only makes the film that more intriguing.

Check out these exclusive stills from the film featuring Gregory Smith as Perry and Kristen Hager as Leslie.  And if this fit doesn’t fit into the Awards Season schedule, you can be sure to read a review from Mr. McWeeny in Motion Captured.

Perry (Gregory Smith) and Dorothy (Kristen Adams) share a moment.

Perry (Gregory Smith) and Leslie (Kristen Hager) share a moment in 'Leslie, My Name is Evil

Leslie (Kristen Hager) is involved in a bloody murder.

Leslie (Kristen Hager) is involved in a bloody murder in 'Leslie, My Name is Evil'

Perry (Gregory Smith) has a psychedelic dream.

Perry (Gregory Smith) has a psychedelic dream in 'Leslie, My Name is Evil'

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