Watch: Is Maroon 5’s violent ‘Misery’ video disturbing or just Looney Tunes?

07.01.10 7 years ago

You know when you have a really big crush on someone and you just want them, there, y’know, and when you feel like they’re playing games on you, how it’s like being thrown through a window, pushed off the top of a building, stabbed with a blade, clotheslined, toilet-dunked, sucker punched, ball-kicked, bitten, burned and left for dead? Y’know?

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 in “Misery” has gone to great measures to explain just what this girl is doing him, making her look psychopathetic and him like a sexual masochist. At least now we know what he’s into.

The track is the first single off of the band’s forthcoming “Hands All Over,” due Sept. 21. Check out what HitFix’s Melinda Newman had to say about the track.

On it’s face, “Misery” is lyrically longing, a little generic, rolling those bedroom eyes all over the place. But the clip is so damn distracting, menacing and (for me) disturbing (zero LOL count were the roles to be reversed), it may as well be “The Benny Hill Show” theme song. We get it, Adam: you have a high tolerance for beautiful, outlandish women. It cuts like a knife. But it feels so right.

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