Watch: Andy Samberg, Jack Johnson punch ‘At or With’ each other

09.30.10 7 years ago


Jack Johnson has finally managed to get me to watch an entire music video of his.

“At or With Me” features a cameo from none other than “Saturday Night Live” alumni Andy Samberg, who, in the past, has poked major fun at the “mellow” singer-songwriter and his Hacky Sack-lovin’ fans.

In the clip, Johnson and his band try to perform as Samberg proceeds to be That Guy, talking on his phone during the show, making fun of the group, telling stories loudly. His friends don sunglasses. Even I start feeling kind of punchy.

Then the two spar. And by spar, I mean punch the living sh*t out of each other, in the middle of the floor, out in the street, with bottles, with a fork, getting run-into by cars. They hug it out — though that doesn’t mean a certain someone gets the last laugh. Johnson and Samberg even do some of their own stunts.

It beats the hell (get it?) out of Maroon 5’s S&M porn for “Misery,” for sure, only with fewer purring models.

Gotta hand it to director Michael Pizzo, the video mixes “Hangover”-like whirling idiot humor with some pretty good, believable fighting.

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Below, you can also get a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the stunts were done and how well Samberg and his Hawaiian nemesis get along off-camera. And a swipe at Bonnaroo fans! From Johnson!

“At or With Me” is a track from Johnson’s most recent, electric-driven album “To the Sea.” He’s on tour in North America through mid-October.

How do you like the video?

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