Watch: Daft Punk’s ‘Derezzed’ video from ‘Tron’

10.26.10 7 years ago

Before lucky fans get to see a 25-minute look at “Tron: Legacy” on Friday on an  IMAX screen, check out this 2-minute snippet of from the movie featuring a nice chunk of Daft Punk’s score. This piece is called “Derezzed.” And no, we have no idea what it means, although some “Tron” geek might.

After some opening drum beats, the theme from the French dance music duo is pretty much a repeating synthesized loop with a few other sequences thrown in. It”s hypnotic and fits perfectly to picture. The editors have done an excellent job of integrating the score with the sound effects so they complement, instead of compete, with each other.

We believe that may also be the duo in the suits in the beginning, according to this still we ran a few weeks ago.

The score, the pair”s first,  comes out Nov. 22. While some streams of the “Tron” score have been available, including on Seattle”s KNND website (although they have since taken them down) and on the “Tron” website , this are the first longer scenes of the music and picture together. You can also hear a little bit of Daft Punk’s pulsing, ominous score in the trailer, which came out in March.

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