Watch: Diane Lane battles the heat for ‘Secretariat’

10.06.10 7 years ago

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since Diane Lane graced the silver screen, but with “Secretariat” she returns in a big way.  The Walt Disney drama tells the “impossible” true story of how Secretariat owner Penny Chenery put everything on the line, both personally and professionally, betting that her horse would win the illustrious Triple Crown in 1973.  It’s a story that Chenery held on to for years until she was finally comfortable it would be told in the right way.

Speaking to Lane on the hottest day in the history of Los Angeles last week, the “Perfect Storm” star reflected on how the still living Chenery understood the limits of Hollywood storytelling (certain facts were changed it seems) and how she was a resource on set.  Lane also discusses her love of horses and how the animal is a totem in her life.

You can watch the interview embedded in this page.  To check out my conversation with her co-star John Malkovich, click here.

“Secretariat” opens nationwide on Friday.

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