Watch: Drew McWeeny talks ‘Spider-Man’ reboot on G4

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“Spider-Man” became a trending topic on Twitter, and I’m almost positive that was because Devin Faraci and I spent nine hours arguing about it back and forth.

And I mean that in the friendly nerd way, where we both ultimately hope that this reboot ends up resulting in a new series of films that accurately repreresents the character and his legacy.  Devin’s just skeptical that Sony is going to give the film the right sort of room to breathe in development, while I find myself hopeful that this time around, they might make choices that bring the character closer to what I love about Spider-Man overall.  I like Raimi’s films, but I don’t think they’re perfect, and I think there’s absolutely room for them to be improved upon.

As the news was developing yesterday, I was asked by G4 to make an appearance on “Attack Of The Show” to talk about it all.  They also asked Jeff Katz to appear, and I was happy to be on a panel with him.  I’ve known Jeff for years, since he was a fairly new guy at New Line, and in a town full of executives who have little or no affection for the material they make, Katz is an oddity.  He’s a full-blown nerd, a guy who comes to his love of all things geek in a very organic way.

He’s been through it, though.  Working at New Line, he was focused on bringing Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees back to the mainstream, and he ended up moving to 20th Century Fox, where he was ostensibly brought in to be a voice of geek authority regarding movies like “Wolverine” and “Deadpool.”  I’m not shocked that he ended up leaving Fox, where an authentic geek voice is not considered an asset, or that he has started his own production company, American Original, as well as a brand-new website that he’s describing as “the Geekington Post.”

Before I even got home from the taping, G4 already had an embed ready of the segment.  I would have put it up earlier, but I had to run back out for another event.  I just watched it, and I think it went well overall, even if I did totally miss Kevin’s set-up for a Leno/Conan joke at the start of the piece.

Here’s the full conversation for you:

I hope Sony takes a look and hears what I said about Matthew Vaughn.  “Kick-Ass” is pretty much the greatest audition any director could ever have for taking control of one of the major Marvel characters, and he sounds ready and willing to jump in and play with this particular icon if asked.

I’ve heard some really good ideas about director so far, like Neil Blomkamp (a natural fit if they’re hoping to keep costs down) and Edgar Wright (who joked on Twitter last night that he is already signed for the “Spider-Pig” reboot film), but I loathe the notion of James Cameron doing it.  I don’t have to worry, since there’s no way the studio would give him the control or the back-end deal that he’d need to say yes, but on the off chance they were leaning that way, I hope to God it doesn’t happen.

I’m sure more news will develop quickly, as they need to get moving now if they want to make that summer 2012 release date.  We’ll keep you posted here at HitFix as news breaks.

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