Watch: Janelle Monae has happy feet in video for ‘Tightrope’

03.31.10 8 years ago
 Is Janelle Monae a dancing fool or just plain crazy? Either way, she”s got rhythm.
In the video for “Tightrope,” she plays an inpatient,who’s having a lot more fun with her fellow patients than the devious pill-popping nurse.  
As the video, which debuted on MTV today,starts, we”re told we”re about to enter the Palace of the Dogs Asylum where “dancing has long been forbidden for its subversive effects on the residents and its tendency to lead to illegal magical practices.” What follows is a great dance video with Monae leading a corps of dancers through a little soft shoe as they shuffle through the halls of the asylum.
Oh, sure there”s are those troubling faceless caped  specters (who remind us of the best “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” episode ever, “Hush”)  interrupting the fun, and ultimately leading to a wacky interaction toward the end of the clip as the magical practices are unleashed, but otherwise the joint is jumping.  Plus, there”s a fun cameo from Big Boi. It”s the most inspired dancing since Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slim”s “Weapons of Choice”clip. Maybe the clip will spawn a whole new dance, “The Tightrope.”
The song and video are a toe-tapping ode to both James Brown and trying to find balance in one”s life. We don”t why Monae isn”t a bigger star yet. Her voice is fantastic. All we know is the video makes us very very happy.
Monae”s “The Arch Android” comes out April 13.


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