Watch: Josh Brolin discusses the pleasure and pain of playing ‘Jonah Hex’

06.15.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Saturday was a big day for Toshi on the publicity circuit with me.  He doesn’t get to go to screenings every single day, and still thinks of it as a big deal when it happens.  Before he can join me, there’s a vetting process that involves his mom, and she’s not nearly as excited by Toshi’s budding nerd-dom as I am.

Thankfully, the previews for “Despicable Me” and her own love for Steve Carrell convinced her to let him join me.  I’ll have a review of that soon.  Because of the timing of the screening, there was no way for me to take him home before my scheduled interview, and besides… he was getting ready to leave for a 16 day vacation with his mom, and I wanted to spend some time with him before he went.  So we went to the Four Seasons, where we had lunch while waiting for my call-time for my interview.

When we walked into the room for the actual taping, Josh Brolin was already seated, having just gone through several of his interviews in a row, and he smiled when he saw Toshi walk in with me.  “Hi, there,” said Brolin, “what’s your name?”

Toshi is surprisingly forward in social situations, but not unappealingly so.  He just seems comfortable meeting people, and so he put out his hand for Brolin to shake and said, “Toshi.”

“Well, that’s a pretty great shirt you’ve got on.  What is that?”

“That’s ‘Transformers,'” Toshi said after double-checking to make sure.

“Did you know that the girl from ‘Transformers’ is in our movie?” Brolin asked him.


“Do you know the girl from ‘Transformers’?” Brolin asked.

“Yeah.  She’s pretty good,” said Toshi, and with that belly laugh from Brolin as a response, I sent Toshi to take a seat, and the cameras rolled on the interview, with Brolin still smiling as we got started.

Then once the interview was finished, Brolin looked past me at Toshi, where he was sitting sprawled on the floor, relaxed.  “Man, I don’t know what it is about that guy.  He just looks like he’s so cool over there, hanging out.  Can you shake my hand again, man?”

Of course, that’s when Toshi gets shy, and he gave a quick head shake, then turned and headed for the door.  Brolin started laughing,and he put on a fake voice.  “I’m outta here, Brolin.  I saw ‘Goonies,’ and it wasn’t that great!”  I thanked him, shook his hand, and then took off so I could catch up with Toshi, who I found by the “Jonah Hex” poster outside.

“Dad, is that the guy you were talking to?”


“His face isn’t that bad.”

I’ll make sure to tell him that, buddy.  Great chat with Brolin, and I’ll have my actual review for the film later this week.  “Jonah Hex” is in theaters this Friday, June 18.

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