Watch: Ken Jeong and NBA star Dwight Howard remind you that ‘Fast Don’t Lie’

10.07.10 7 years ago

Ever since his endearing speech at the MTV Movie Awards, I’ve given Ken Jeong’s single-note psychosis a free pass to do Whatever.

And that Whatever includes a two-minute commercial with NBA superstar center Dwight Howard, plugging shoes as a fake pop star named Slim Chin in a song called “Fast Don’t Lie.”

The Adidas spot fulfills the “Hangover” baddie’s apparent contractual obligation for his appearances to feature large felines — namely, cheetahs, tigers and his person dressed as a tiger. A stuffy butler, a plane to Aruba, a pile of money, jazz hands, a gold lamé track suit and Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls also make cameos.

Howard doesn’t make much of a singer, but his technical shortcomings are overshadowed by the one-take improv vamps at the end of the song.


[Video after the jump…]

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