Watch: Lady GaGa turns ‘Bad Romance’ into a great music video

11.10.09 8 years ago 5 Comments
Lady GaGa is at it again. She”s taken a paper-thin slice of a song-in this case “Bad Romance”-and turned it into a fascinating video that peels back layers never evident in the tune.
The superstar-in-training delivers her  trippiest video yet (although “Paparazzi” was pretty mindblowing in parts). This one recalls everything from “Clockwork Orange” to “Sunset Blvd” to “Austin Powers” to  “Dr. No” to things we haven”t even figured out yet.
The basic plot is the Lady GaGa is a robot taken over by Russian supermodels (or so we assume they”re Russian from the vodka), who force her to guzzle vodka and become the plaything of some creepy Russian mobster with wacky metal covering his face like some demented cross between the Phantom of the Opera and a James Bond villain. There”s lots of dancing and costume changes and a wacky little last few seconds that make you laugh and turn your head.
There is one fashion outfit about 3:30 in that is so forward, crazy looking that we can”t even begin to describe it in all its glittering glory.  While she”s always sporting her platinum hair in the clip, it”s styled in so many different ways and she changes eye color (check out the doll contacts) and costumes as to often render herself unrecognizable. We don”t know where Lady GaGa is going from here, but we hope she continues to work with director Francis Lawrence (“I am Legend”) because they seem to understand each other.  It”s a fast-paced, extraordinarily compelling clip from the white plastic dancers emerging from pods to the last demented frame.
“Bad Romance” is on “The Fame Monster,” the enhanced version of the “The Fame,” which comes out Nov. 23.

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