Watch: MGMT’s trippy new video for ‘Flash Delirium’ and the singing tracheotomy

03.30.10 8 years ago

Columbia Records

Where to begin? The poodle with the bloody raw roast? The  Wax Works at the family reunion? The ventriloquist dummies? How about the singing tracheotomy or the eel pulled out of a very unlikely orifice?

That”s right kids, there”s a new MGMT video and it”s a doozy from a band that”s known for its wacky clips. “Flash Delirium” is the first video from the duo”s sophomore Columbia set, “Congratulations,” out April 13.
Mgmt”s Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden are headed to Goldwasser”s palatial estate for a quasi-family reunion, birthday party and all-out creep fest. The party, full of senior citizens, plays out like a cross between “Magic,” “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and every David Lynch movie you”ve ever seen.  It”s very ’70s and very, very trippy.  It”s Grand Guignol and we love every minute of it. There”s not a wasted shot. Mgmt’s clips make Lady GaGa’s videos seem normal.
Watch it a few times and you”ll catch hints of what”s to come and something new every time.
Andreas Nillson (Fever Ray, Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode) directs the spectacle here that recalls great cheesy horror movies of the ’70s, like “The Omen” crossed with “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” 
You can click here and watch it on Mgmt’s site or click on the video below (although the clip below has a website name scrolled across it).

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