Watch: Michael Moore makes a plea for help in his new teaser trailer

06.13.09 8 years ago

Overture Films

Just in time for a seemingly peaceful weekend, Michael Moore pops up to start some controversy. 

Coming off the back to back successes of “Fareinheit 9/11” and “Sicko,” Moore is returning to his old haunts: the auto industry.  The Oscar-winner got his first shot of noterity when “Roger & Me” took on GM’s treatment of the city of Flint, Michigan when it starting closing plants in the 1980s.  Now, with the auto industry in the midst of government bailouts and on life support, he seems to be taking aim at the auto makers one more time.

One little problem though, Moore still hasn’t titled his new doc.  I guess he’ll get to that later.  Whatever it’s called, Moore’s latest endeavor will hit theaters October 2.

Watch the teaser in the embed below and decide for yourself.

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