Watch: Olivia Wilde talks about bringing ‘TRON: Legacy’ to life

12.09.10 7 years ago

When you are asked, “Would you like to spend time sitting in a room talking to Olivia Wilde?” the correct answer is always “yes.”

Thankfully, it seems that many more opportunities for that situation will be presenting themselves in the year ahead, because she is basically the female Sam Worthington now, suddenly cast in every potential blockbuster, and once people start to see the work she’s doing in these films, my guess is that even more offers are going to start to roll in.

I may not be the biggest fan of “TRON: Legacy” overall, but there are things that I think undeniably work about it.  First and foremost, Olivia Wilde’s performance in the film is alive in a  way that almost nothing else about it is.  She plays Quorra, a key collaborator for Flynn in the time he’s spent hiding somewhere inside the computer world of the film. 

Who is Quorra?  More importantly, what is Quorra?  These questions and the answers to them are some of the most compelling things about the film, and if there’s anything in the movie that felt genuine or human, it is due to the way she reacts to the circumstances she faces in the film.

Sitting down with her, I was struck first by the fact that she is incandescent in a room, but also by the calm she seems to radiate.  Press days are crazy events, busy and noisy and maddening, but Wilde was unflappable.  When talking to Jon Favreau recently about her, he could not have been more effusive in his praise.  Filmmaker after filmmaker describes her in the same glowing terms.  It sounds to me like we’re seeing the first big steps in a career that’s just going to keep getting bigger, and it was lovely to sit down and pick her brain at what will most likely be a pivotal moment in a very long filmography.

“TRON: Legacy” will be in theaters everywhere Dec. 17th.

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