Watch: Owl City’s new video for ‘Vanilla Twilight’

03.24.10 8 years ago
Last night, I had the strangest dream. There was Shaquille O”Neal, standing in the snow,  quizzically looking upward to the heavens. Then I realized I was wide awake and I was just watching the new Owl City video for “Vanilla Twilight.”
Man, what a difference a few million downloads make. The video for “Fireflies” is a fairly down home affair featuring Owl City, a.k.a. Adam Young, alone in his bedroom with his keyboard and his toys that comes to life like some in some benign “Twilight Zone” episode.
Now, his label has invested in an outdoor shoot, lots of special effects and an NBA superstar. I really can”t for the life of me figure out what he”s doing there and based on O”Neal”s bemused expression, neither can he.
You either like Owl City”s overly precious, twee vibe or you don”t, but there is something endearing about his uncynical, sentimental look at love and life and nature. Really, who else over the age of 15 can convincingly deliver the line, “As many times as I blink I”ll think of you tonight.” I don”t even think Justin Bieber can get away with that one.
“Vanilla Twilight” is a great example of a video taking a straight-ahead song about missing someone you love and turning it into something much bigger.  Depending upon how you want to interpret it, via the video the song becomes a much bigger meditation on death and the signs that loved ones can send us after they shuffle off this mortal coil. In this case, the loved one is sending a big old hug via a gorgeous sunset that looks like of like the Northern Lights. Even the mangy dog in the video can tell what”s going on here, can”t you, Fido?
Watch it below, but we warn you, you may need to put on a winter coat. It”s pretty chilly where you”re headed. Or as Owl City sings: “This cold nostalgia chills me to the bone.”

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