Walton Goggins Cannot Seem To Stop Reuniting With ‘Justified’ Cast Members

Walton Goggins’s season finale appearance in Justified: City Primeval has led to plenty of fuel for fodder on a second season of that followup series. That chatter only intensified when Goggins reunited with Timothy Olyphant (and posted photo proof) in Thailand while the two were filming HBO’s The White Lotus and FX’s Alien, respectively.

Of course, then the subject grew more dramatic when word surfaced of Olyphant reacting to Goggins revealing that they weren’t always the best of friends while working together. Goggins ignored that ruckus and recently flew back stateside, where he is now in Los Angeles for a Fallout-related press tour. And guess who he’s hanging out with now?

Boyd and Ava Crowder are back together again. Joelle Carter popped on on the Goggins Instagram page with the man himself writing, “[G]ot to see someone very special to me for the first time in a very long time. @thejoellecarter what a dance we had. I will never forget it. I love you old friend.”

Well, as far as Boyd Crowder knew at the end of Justified, Ava was dead, but Raylan knew better. That (well-meaning) rascal. What could this mean? Probably nothing, but you never know. It’s also a fine reason to watch Boyd Crowder clog dance again, even if the video quality is lacking below.