Watch: Paramore’s new video for ‘Playing God’

11.18.10 7 years ago

Paramore”s videos are always worth a gander if for nothing else to see what color Hayley Williams” hair will be.  This time, after red, orange and other assorted flavors, she”s rocking pink in the group”s new video for “Playing God.”

The clip, in which Williams takes on  hypocritical, judgmental haters (played by her bandmates)  who “cram ideas down her throat” by locking them up in her storm cellar, is the second hostage theme we”ve seen in recent weeks after Sugarland”s “Stuck Like Glue.”

Williams plays a genial hostess, straight out of the ’50s, as she serves her guests poisoned tea, while she wears funky glasses like a junior Lady GaGa.  Other guests blithely come and go as her victims hang out in the basement, bored out of their wits, until she joins them to put on a show.

As far as threats go, “Next time you point a finger I may have to bend it back,” is a pretty toothless one lyrically-and otherwise– and the same goes for the song and video. Paramore has come up with much more potent songs like “Misery” or “Brick by Boring Brick.”

And, by the way, what”s with the carrot-colored and shaped microphone? Shouldn”t she have used that when her hair was orange?  We”re now taking bets on her next hair color. We want green.  There are many more vegetable-shaped matching microphone options.

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