Watch: ‘Scott Pilgrim’s’ Brandon Routh talks going from superhero to rock star

08.05.10 7 years ago

As one of the seven evil exes in “Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World,” actor Brandon Routh can now add the roll of Rock Star to his lengthy list of movie roles.

In an interview with HitFix at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Routh joked how he was leaving the film world to pursue music full-time, now that he had a taste of it as Todd Ingram in the forthcoming comic book flick. He also concedes that he gets physical in the film, but instead of punching Pilgrim (Michael Cera), he actually clocks Knives Chau (Ellen Wong).

“I hit a girl in this movie, because I’m a rock star,” he sighs. “It’s one of the privileges of being a rock star.”

Donning an Iowa t-shirt, the 30-year-old actor also spoke on his cohorts and compared his previous Comic-Con experiences. Is being a rock star better than being a superhero? “No, but it has its own perks.”

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