We, too, have a horrible feeling ‘Pants on the Ground’ from AI audition could be a hit

01.14.10 8 years ago 2 Comments


I’m not particularly keen on the audition rounds for “American Idol”: For me, it triggers a discomfort akin to watching the phone call scene from “Swingers” over and and over again.

Still, it yields some good crop, like last night’s 62-year-old General Larry Pratt, who presented his original tune “Pants on the Ground.”

With a title like that, I thought we were about to hear a love song, or lust song, and thus enter a world of pain.

Instead, it seems that Pratt’s intention was to mock those kids who wear their trousers a little too far down their bodies. And he got to present it to guest judge R&B star Mary J. Blige.

Upon viewing the spectacle, Simon Cowell declared he had a “horrible feeling” that this would be a hit. We have that same, sinking sensation.

Considering the dude’s age, and also that it was awful, Pratt can’t make it on to Hollywood.

However, in typical AI fashion, the joke got overplayed as they played the “song” over the closing moments of the show and even made other Idol-wannabes sing the darn thing.

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